Vineyard Street Project Reveal
03/16 Bedrooms

Vineyard Street Project Reveal

Check out our clients' first home as newlywed couple! 

Yesterday, we revealed the webisode of our Vineyard Street Project! Our clients are newlyweds and needed a space that reflected both of their personalities. We took on their formal sitting room, family room, and master bedroom.


Our client's pinterest board showed her love of white, pink, and gold. All good things, but it can quickly look overwhelmingly feminine. We decided to work in some depth with dark colors like our Navy Velvet pillows.

Vineyard Street Project - Studio McGee

The linear artwork is the perfect scale to follow the length of the bed

Vineyard Street Project
Vineyard Street Project - Studio McGee

The nightstands are a beautiful french blueish gray and are adorned with amazing hardware. We topped it with a soft lamp and balanced it with a dark vase. We also added some trays  as a catchall for functionality. 

Vineyard Street Project - Studio McGee
Vineyard Street Project - Studio McGee
Vineyard Street Project - Studio McGee


Vineyard Street Project - Studio McGee

We love the fact that our client wanted two mirrors on both sides of the fireplace! We anchored the mirrors by adding in a Quinn Sideboard Cabinet. It also offers a great amount of storage and has amazing faceted fronts that bring so much dimension in the space. The Cocci rug is a customer favorite and we can see why! It's neutral but still has a little bit of pattern.  

Vineyard Street Project - Studio McGee
Vineyard Street Project - Studio McGee
Vineyard Street Project - Studio McGee
Vineyard Street Project - Studio McGee
Vineyard Street Project

This artwork is perfect for the space. It's brings in a lot of color, but is balanced out with neutral tones. 

When styling pillows the goal is to always make it look effortless! We mix and match different patterns and textures so there's always a lot of rearranging. Our clients top request in the living room was a big comfortable sofa and a place to put their feet up. Our Penn Coffee Table is great for just that because it's spacious, comfortable, and adds a touch of glam to the space! 

Adding greenery is always a must because it brings so much life to the space! But a lot of clients are worried about keeping them alive so we searched high and low for the perfect faux fiddle leaf tree and we found it!  

Remember that dark and moody formal sitting room? It's a part of this project! 


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Studio McGee
  1. hi! all your work is so beautiful. are you able to share the great room paint color? If not I understand.

  2. BEAUTIFUL!!! What size is that master bedroom chandelier? It was a bad link. Is it the 24" or 30"? 🙂

  3. This might be your best yet! Beautiful! I have been looking for a navy rectangle pillow for my leather chairs for quite some time. Could you please share the fabric source , dimensions of the navy pillow on the leather sofa? It is all so well done!

    1. Sarah, I feel the need to take up for Studio McGee on this one. I’m sorry you feel the need to make such comments. They have worked hard to get to the point where they are able to offer their own products and feature them. If you’ve been a reader for a long time then you should know that they have answered PLENTY of questions for FREE on so many occasions in the comments. You’d also know that they don’t divulge every single detail of a project to protect their clients interests. Their clients have paid for their space to be unique and not like everyone else’s out there. Half the fun is seeing their projects on the blog and being INSPIRED by their work and not having to be spoon fed on where everything is at. That’s why you pay a designer; to do the work for you. I’m happy for their accomplishments and truly appreciate them sharing what they do. We are building a house and I know that I’ve referred to their portfolio a hundred times for ideas and inspiration. Please be nice. They don’t have to share any information with us. A lot of designers don’t.

  4. love the brown leather chairs!!! Where are they from? Actually I love everything! But would love to purchase the brown leather chairs especially:)

  5. Can you share the color of the RH leather sofa? As always great work. It always feels effortless, uncluttered and airy.

  6. Beautiful! Did you have the print from Minted framed by them as well or did you have it framed somewhere else?

  7. LOVE this LR! It’s one of my favorites for sure. Would you be able to say where to source the fabric for the navy/pink pillow that’s on the leather sofa (on the camera-left side of the sofa), next to the large indigo pillow. I’ve checked your store and don’t see it. Thanks!!

    Also, do you know the sizes of the pillows on the leather sofa? Are the large ones 22" or 24" maybe? The smaller ones 18" or 20"? You guys fuel my pillow obsession.

  8. This is definitely my favorite Living Room you’ve done! Great mix of bright and open but looks warm and inviting. Would you be able to share where the large white and blue ikat pillow is from on the leather sofa? Cant wait to see the next project!

  9. Hello,

    I was wondering what color of paint you used in vinyard street project on the both ceiling and walls of the living room as well as the baseboards? Really like this living room!

    Thank you.

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