Friday Inspiration: A Dash of Holiday!

We’re starting to get in the Christmas spirit!

03 November 2017 -

We blinked and the week was over. Can you believe it’s Friday? This week we celebrated Halloween the only way we know how to, by giving tips for going dark and our favorite matte black hardware. We also showed you the essentials to make up a perfect reading nook. Shea took a few weeks off for her Sunday 7 series, but she’s back and last week’s post was absolutely beautiful (and full of some fun news!)

Did we mention we officially launched holiday at McGee & Co.? This includes our exclusive stockings, designed by us. Promise not to go overboard on holiday content, but if we’re going to bring it up, let’s start by drooling at this dreamy shot we found on Pinterest.  

Now here’s a bright photo that doesn’t remind us of the holidays at all. But it sure is pretty!

We love an eclectic gallery wall, but this cohesive grid is perfect. 

Design by  At Home Atlanta

Design by At Home Atlanta

So many books, we wish he had the time to read each one! 

Design by  McLaren.Excell

Design by McLaren.Excell

It might be cliche to say, but we hope our Friday night looks exactly like this!

Last, but certainly not least is this beauty that we love so much we posted on instagram.

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Date Posted
03 November 2017