The Sunday 7: Holiday Wishlist

My weekly Sunday 7 post! Including a few of my favorite Holiday finds! Xo-S

05 November 2017 -

1. Temps have dropped and so has our new Holiday Collection at McGee & Co.! I told Syd I need to set aside my wishlist before everyone else buys it, ha! This is what’s on my list this year:

2. I like my bracelets like I like my decor…layered. I just bought these 3 and haven’t taken them off for a few days now:

3. Now that we’ve announced that we’re building a home this next year, our webisodes will be changing a bit to focus on documenting that process! We have two more client videos to film and then we’ll be shifting our focus which is always both scary and exciting.

4. Speaking of our house, I’ve had a few people ask what style our home will be in relation to our client projects. That’s a tough question! I will stay true to our bright and collected aesthetic and never stick to one style of furniture. That said, my personal leanings tend to be “streamlined-traditional” with modern accents and more vintage. This vignette from our Denver Tudor project sums it up nicely:

Photo by Callie Hobbs Photography

Photo by Callie Hobbs Photography

5. Fashion questions received this week:

Skirt (it was in my Sunday 7 post last week and I forgot to link it)!

Shirt from insta-stories

Curling wand (that I use religiously)

6. Inspired by the mix of modern doors and French grain sack chairs in this image:

Studio McGee's Sunday 7

7. We experienced a very unexpected loss in our family this past week and my head (and heart) are in a fog right now. I had already worked through much of my post and wanted to share, but I may be a bit quiet for a little while. Grateful for my team at work (and home) who can save the day and help pick up the pieces when I’m falling apart.


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05 November 2017