Studio McGee Stockings are Here!
11/02 Holiday

Studio McGee Stockings are Here!

See the stockings we designed for McGee & Co.! 

November is here, which means it's time to deck the halls. McGee & Co. Holiday is offically here, and this year we designed our very first line of stockings! We were inspired by the concept of timeless, solid fabrics like linen and wool paired with beautiful patterns. Something that would be versatile and timeless, but still exciting. Hang one of each for an eclectic look, or go completely classic by doing all the same. They're made in the U.S., exclusive to McGee & Co. and perfect for the holidays.


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Studio McGee
  1. Very pretty stockings, seriously. Just way too pricey at $78 for a cute, though simple design. Kind of disappointing ๐Ÿ™ Would have to spend over $400 for a family of 6, you know… Not even including tax and shipping fees ๐Ÿ™

  2. I agree, this is ridiculously over priced. They’re sweet, but nowhere near special enough to warrant that price tag.

  3. I appreciate that they are made in the US. To the two comments below: Products made in the US tend to cost more, but we all need to support anything US made, and maybe in the future there wonโ€™t be a premium attached. I think the stockings are super cute!

  4. The stockings cost more than the Studio McGee pillows, which is strange. They’ve been marked up and over priced because they’re a once a year decor item. Better off taking people’s money when they can, clearly. Since stockings were designed in-house, another excuse to raise the price ? Many Etsy shops offer exact or even better style + quality stockings at a reasonable price (US handmade and everything). Hate pointing this out, but you guys seem to mark up everything 60% – 65% of the real value.

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