Watermelon-Basil Mojito Mocktail Recipe

30 July 2023 –

Is there anything that says summer quite like watermelon? Sweet, juicy watermelon is a summer staple, delicious however you serve it, simply sliced, in a dish, or a drink like our Watermelon-Basil Mojito Mocktail. Make the most of this colorful fruit’s short season by juicing it and adding in some sparkling limeade and basil, see the full recipe below. Summer, we salute you.

“With an ice-cold drink in hand, that feeling of barefoot, backyard wandering and sun-soaked skin feels even more special. The combination of sweet watermelon with bright lime is incredibly refreshing, and the basil adds something a little extra special.”

Shea McGee


Serves 6 | Time: 10 minutes

24 ounces chilled watermelon juice
24 ounces chilled sparkling limeade*
1 cup packed basil
2 limes



In a large pitcher, combine the watermelon juice and sparkling limeade. Add the basil leaves and use a wooden spoon to muddle them at the bottom of the pitcher until slightly bruised to release their oils. Slice each lime into wedges, giving each wedge a light squeeze as you add it to the pitcher. Serve in chilled glasses and enjoy.


*Sparkling limeade can be found in many specialty stores. If you can’t locate it near you or prefer to make your own, here is a foolproof method for making 24 ounces of sparkling limeade:

In a small saucepan, combine ¾ cup granulated sugar with ¾ water over medium heat, whisking until the sugar is completely dissolved. Remove from the heat and add ¾ cup fresh lime juice. Cool completely, then add 3 cups sparkling water and gently stir to combine.

Date Posted
30 July 2023