The McGee Home: Mudroom Tour
05/20 Mudroom

The McGee Home: Mudroom Tour

A space for trekking boots, filing homework, and cutting fresh-greens

Today we are continuing our McGee house tour! Next up: the mudroom!

We’re so grateful to our sponsors at KohlerKillowen ConstructionBedrosians, and Metrie, for their support in helping us make this space a reality!

We’ve always had a love for mudrooms at our studio, and designing our very own from start to finish has been a dream! We have never had a mudroom before, but ever since moving to Utah, we’ve needed a space fit for trekking in boots covered with snow, storing hats and gloves, and hanging our coats to dry.

We’ve absolutely loved this luxury since we’ve moved in, and it’s become such a great landing space. This room is the entrance through our garage, so we wanted to be sure to design it for high traffic functionality.


The Cabinetry

One of the first things I knew I wanted in this space was tall lockers for each of us to store our things. We worked with Killowen Construction to design them to have vents, so they are breathable and perfect for stinky shoes.

On our lockers and the rest of our cabinetry, we used hardware from Armac Martin, and chose the color midnight by Benjamin Moore, and I love that it creates some depth and interest to contrast with the light and bright details in our kitchen.

The McGee Home: Mudroom Tour
The McGee Home: Mudroom Tour

The Walls

We worked with Metrie to do a vertical shiplap on the walls and ceilings here, and it ties together beautifully with the rest of the shiplap in our dining room, office, and master bedroom!

The McGee Home: Mudroom Tour

Above the sink, we have these large windows that not only let in great natural light but allow me to watch the girls jump on the trampoline or play in our backyard while I wash produce from our garden or arrange fresh-cut stems.

Paint swatch image footnote: Our walls and ceilings are painted in Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore at 75%.

The Countertops

One of my favorite details in this space is our SoapStone countertops from Bedrosians, they have beautiful veining throughout and bring so much texture into the room.

The McGee Home: Mudroom Tour

I knew I wanted a big industrial sink, so we did a large stainless steel sink from Kohler, with a pull-down faucet with a magnetic clip. I love the high arch and industrial spring that makes it perfect for all the washing and scrubbing that happens here!

The McGee Home: Mudroom Tour

The Hardware

This room is connected to our kitchen, so I wanted to carry the same hardware into this space while still mixing it up. We chose the same cup holds and latches we used in our kitchen from Armac Martin, and I love how they tie in and create cohesivity while looking completely different against our moody cabinetry.

The McGee Home: Mudroom Tour

I wanted our lights to blend the finishes throughout the home, so we chose silver and brass pendants from McGee & Co. (currently sold out).

The Flooring

We chose a cement tile and laid it in a Hexagon pattern for added dimension and we couldn’t love it more!

The details

My favorite thing about this space is probably our custom dutch door. We love opening it on the top to let some fresh air in, and it also adds a lot of character to the look that we wouldn’t have otherwise.

The McGee Home: Mudroom Tour

In the corners, I styled some collected wicker bottles that we just launched with our vintage collection on McGee & Coone of my favorite art pieces also from McGee & Co., a few pots, and a watering can for functionality.

The McGee Home: Mudroom Tour
The McGee Home: Mudroom Tour

Our bench is from our Threshold collection with Target (currently sold out,) and our shelves were custom-built into the home!

The McGee Home: Mudroom Tour

I really want this to be a multi-purpose space, and it has been functional beyond my expectations, we couldn’t love it more!

Thank you for coming to our mudroom! If you’ve missed our latest tours from The McGee Home, explore the photo tours below, and stay tuned for more soon!

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Studio McGee
        1. me too! are they cement slab that have been pressed to look like tile, or stained cement tile? I’m hoping to do something similar in my kitchen so would love to know!

      1. Could you share some general information on the color of the stain, dimensions of the tiles, etc.? Thank you!

  1. Hey there! Such a beautiful space! In your YT video it shows snippets of your garage and I noticed your outdoor lights. By chance could you share where you got them? I’m in love!

  2. Stunning space!

    Is the crown molding, door and window trim the same color as the Shiplap, Swiss Coffee?

  3. The room came together beautifully! I do want to know one thing, is the color on the cabinets Midnight Navy from Benjamin Moore? I’m looking on their website for Midnight but it doesn’t come up.

  4. I love how the cabinets go up to the ceiling. I’m just curious your ceiling height? We have tall ceilings and I’m unsure if it’s too tall to take cabinets up full height? Are yours 10′? 12? Would love to know!

  5. Hi! Obsessed with this mud room…you are so talented! I see below a few questions about the floors…but would love a bit more detail about the painted cement treatment of the floors…can you explain and provide color too?

  6. Beautiful work. I see several have asked for more information on floors. Can you share source and stain? Would love to replicate.

    Thank you!

  7. I love all your spaces. You’ve been an inspiration for both my kitchen and mudroom. Another floor question! I ordered a bone sample from the tile you listed above. Is bone the actual stain or did you stain the bone colored cement tile? Thank you!

  8. Can you share the type of ship lap used for the mudroom?
    There are so many versions out there.


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