The McGee Home Finishes: Webisode
03/11 The McGee Home

The McGee Home Finishes: Webisode

Watch how we selected everything from stair details to paint colors in the McGee home!

It’s officially week two of the McGee home reveal!

Last week, we covered the exterior details, and today, we’re talking all things finishes.

Finish selections really set the tone for your whole home, and we typically start with them early on in the design process because they dictate what you layer on top.

Watch how we selected our wood floors, stair details, baseboards, casings, hardware, and of course, paint in our latest webisode below!


The Details

The McGee Home Finishes: Webisode

The Paint

We went with Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore at 75% strength on our walls, and I love how warm it looks without reading too yellow.

Top tip: To get paint at a percentage of strength, you can go to the paint store and ask them to tone it down so it’s a little lighter.

The Wood

I knew I wanted a natural, white oak look on our floors, but achieving that was difficult. We laid them in a raw state everywhere, and then Lemco helped me create a custom stain for them. We also coated it with a matte protectant that makes the floors very durable without that sheen gloss.

The McGee Home Finishes: Webisode
The McGee Home Finishes: Webisode

The Stairs

Our stair railing was a labor of love. I didn’t want it to feel too black and white, and I had no idea how to achieve this grey look. Throughout the process we learned that using cold-rolled steel was the best option. We paired it with a bed-post knob I found as our finial, and it all came together. For our stair runner, I chose a Stanton plaid runner from Lemco that adds just the right amount of pattern. For more of the McGee Home, check back here for our reveals soon! In the mean time, if you haven’t seen the webisode on the exterior, you can watch it below!

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Studio McGee
  1. So, so incredibly beautiful! The custom millwork is special. Can you tell me where the stair runner terminates? Is it under the uppermost stair or does it cover the landing?

  2. Googled searched your exact stair runner but couldn’t find it. LOVE IT! Can you link or provide the name of the pattern? The link provided only takes you to Lemco.

  3. My son’s townhome in Kansas completely burned. We are using your design ideas to rebuild it. Thank you so much for sharing your fresh approach to
    decorating. Marsha

  4. Loving this house!! Can’t wait to see the rest! Any chance you could reveal the kitchen bridge faucet? We are about to install one we aren’t head over heels about. Thanks!!

  5. These videos of your home are just too good! Absolutely love that you’ve shared this with your readers. It’s dreamy and inspiring. Thank you!

  6. Hi,

    Thank you for your videos, so nice to read your posts! What color are your kitchen cabinets?

  7. Are your trim and doors painted Swiss coffee of creamy white? Struggling with that aspect… same color on walls/trim or slightly contrast them ??‍♀️

  8. Love absolutely everything…, can you share how wide you went with the Stanton runner on the stairs and what binding you used? Thank you!✌?

  9. I love your home! I would love to know exactly which products you used from Metrie to create your door and window trims! 🙂

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