Bringing the Scent of the Holidays into Your Home

There’s a particular fragrance about this time of the year. You know it, pine and apples, vanilla and cardamom. Here’s our favorites.

02 November 2022 -

Is there anything homier, or more reminiscent of the holidays, than the smell of fresh baked bread wafting through the house? We didn’t think so. If you’re not a baker—or even if you are!we have good news for you, you can replicate that scent without having to perfect, or even attempt, the ever-so-sensitive science of flour, water, salt, and yeast. Fragrance is such an integral part of the holidays. It signals family and friends, the feeling of loved ones in your home. We’re here to help you bring the scent of the holidays into your home with a guide to McGee & Co.’s signature candles and our own collaboration, Pura x Studio McGee 

McGee & Co. Signature Scents

Each of the McGee & Co. candle scents are hand-picked by Shea and hand-poured in the USA. Some are distinctly summer, like Sandalwood & Fleur with notes of bergamot, lime zest, rose and sandalwood, but others are the perfect companion for the holidays. Here’s our five favorites.  

Neroli & Vetiver 

The Neroli & Vetiver Candle is inspired by nature and daily rituals of intention. Its aroma has top notes of sparkling citrus and eucalyptus with earthy undertones of creamy vanilla, cinnamon bark, rose, and cashmere for a warm, grounding aromatic palette. 

Ember & Tonka Bean 

The Ember & Tonka Bean Candle brings the comforting aromas of woodsy autumn into your space. The tonka bean complements the earthy and warm ember with a complex and sweet scent, like spicy vanilla that is also nutty and herbaceous. 

Mahogany & Musk 

The Mahogany & Musk Candle is a harmonious blend of scents that are woodsy, spicy, and floral, creating a peaceful and welcoming atmosphere in your space. 

Citrus & Birch 

The Citrus & Birch Candle was carefully selected to bring the fresh outdoors into your home. With an ethereal blend of bergamot, cedar, violet, and sandalwood, this candle combines two of our favorites, cheery and woodsy tones. 

Oak & Orange Blossom 

A cabin in the woods meets a lush garden with the Oak & Orange Blossom Candle. With layered woody and floral notes, the candle is equally as cozy as it is refreshing. 

Pura x Studio McGee

Our Pura x Studio McGee collaboration is the perfect way to introduce scent into your home in a high-tech way. The plug-in device ensures your home is always smelling its best, regardless of if there’s a candle burning or not. There are four signature scents with the collection— Sea Salt Driftwood, Santal Vanilla, Wild Sage, White Bergamot—but there’s one that we think is particularly suited for the holiday seasons. Santal Vanilla is all about luxury, a rich and warm scent, with notes of sandalwood, amber, and myrrh. 

Bringing the Scent of the Holidays into Your Home

Date Posted
02 November 2022