McGee Home: Great Room Webisode
04/22 Living Room

McGee Home: Great Room Webisode

Welcome to our living room!

Welcome to our living room!

We’re so excited to show you around the main space in the McGee home! Today, we’re sharing our webisode to give you a virtual tour and talk about the thought process behind the design.

Watch the webisode below and stay tuned for a full photo tour with all the details and stoppable looks tomorrow!

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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed this webisode, but was really hoping for a pantry webisode as well, since your original post only showed such a small portion of the pantry.

  2. I so look forward to these tours, so thank you SO much for sharing!!! Random question unrelated to your beautiful home: When it shows you unrolling the rugs in a separate video, you have super cute cropped jeans on! Mind sharing the brand and style? Thanks again!

  3. It’s so dreamy. I am suffering from space envy weathering this Covid storm in a 1300 sq ft DC row home ??. Let a girl day dream for 5 min ?

  4. Can you please share the stain you used on your Douglas fir trusses? I think you said it was custom but possibly able to purchase. House is a dream!

  5. Would you please share the room dimensions you know you needed to accomplish this seating arrangement? 25 x 25ft? Thank you.

  6. I was so thrilled to see you use industrial steel and glass cabinet doors – I just designed this for a twist in a new kitchen I’m building and it’s been hard to explain to people my vision – when I watched your episode it got me excited I was on to something. I do have to find a iron works company so would enjoy learning who you used for yours. Shelly from Seattle!

  7. Thoroughly enjoyed this! You actually responded to my IG question this morning and it was the equivalent of getting a celebrity autograph….I called my husband immediately to share my joy lol.
    I admire you and your work more than I can put into words. Cannot wait for your book 🙂
    Your #1 Canadian fan

  8. Beautiful work as usual! I’d love to know more about your fireplace insert with chevron fire brick. Thanks!

  9. That beautiful vintage oversized lamp! It’s one of my favorite pieces in the room. Such great scale. Will you sell anything like this in the future? I have my eye on one from RH, but I think I can’t source one from anywhere else. Send help. 🙂 Thanks for the beautiful, uplifting tour.

  10. I love how you mix casual and formal- such a skill you have. I have a similar layout except shrunken down 😉 and I’m struggling with the sofa in front of the patio door concept because I don’t want to obscure the walkway. Do you have any general rules for how much space to leave and how you decide where the walkway will be? Thanks so much for always sharing your expertise!

  11. This is so beautiful! We are building our dream home in Redondo Beach right now, and I’m getting so inspired by your home! Do you sell the console table behind your white sofa? It’s gorgeous! – Kate

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