Inside the Trend | Quiet Luxury

The loudest design movement centered around the art of being quiet.

05 May 2023 -

While trends come and go, there are a select few that show up that actually define a timeless aesthetic that has never been defined before. Quiet Luxury is one of those. We first started seeing it used in fashion, defining labels that utilized high-quality materials in enduring, wearable silhouettes. The same concept transfers to interior design. Quiet Luxury in design is about restraint, letting the materials and textures do the majority of the talking. It’s pulled back and minimal but not in a way where a room feels empty or incomplete. Quiet Luxury can be layered and even busy, but the key is intention. Shea and the design team have been creating examples of Quiet Luxury from the beginning of Studio McGee. Here, a few of our favorites looks in the Quiet Luxury movement.

From top left: Mind Division IArlene Cabinet, Grayson Travertine Vase, Natural Textures, Vintage Rug No. 15Two Tone Cashmere ThrowArabesco Marble Lidded Catch-AllMays Table Lamp, Magda Teddy Bear Boucle Lounge Chair from McGee & Co.

From our Mountainside Retreat project

From our Park City Contemporary project

Inside the Trend | Quiet Luxury

Date Posted
05 May 2023