How to Incorporate Pedestals in Your Space
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How to Incorporate Pedestals in Your Space

A few ways to make the pedestal trend work in your home.

Pedestals are a great simple way to elevate any space…

and although they’ve been around for a while now and are by no means a new “trend,” we’ve seen more and more people incorporating them in their homes. Not only do pedestals bring a thoughtful, curated feeling to any space, but they are also incredibly versatile and simple to style. 

Pedestals can also be a great way to fill an empty space, introduce a new material element, or add a height variation. If you’ve been hesitant to try the pedestal trend in your own home, here are a few fool-proof ways to incorporate one: 

How to Incorporate Pedestals in Your Space
How to Incorporate Pedestals in Your Space

Two beautiful styling ideas from The McGee Home

No. 1: Style a pedestal to fill an empty space

That random spot by the window that just needs a little.. something? That awkward in-between space between your kitchen and great room? Try a pedestal! We love using them to fill in an area that doesn’t serve another purpose or function and needs a new shape or material to complete the whole design vision.

From our PC Contemporary Project

No. 2: Add a pedestal to introduce a new shape

Due to their angular shape, adding a pedestal to your space can be the perfect way to create contrast in form when placed next to more spherical pieces like a rounded sofa or round dining table.

From The McGee Home

From our McGee & Co. 2021 Winter Catalogue

No. 3: Incorporate a pedestal to add height and visual dimension

One way to make your home look more considered and elevated is to think about how you can vary the heights of your pieces to bring visual dimension. In a great room especially, where many of the furniture pieces tend to live at a similar height level, a pedestal is a great way to add in height.

From our Mountainside Retreat Project

From our PC Contemporary Project

No. 4: Use a pedestal to draw the eye to special styling elements

Pedestals can be a great way to make special styling elements shine since they give whatever is placed on top of its own moment and spotlight. Style your favorite piece of pottery, display your favorite books, or hang an artwork piece you want to highlight above to make your home feel like its own curated gallery.

From our McGee & Co. 2021 Winter Catalogue

Pedestals pieces we love

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