Dream Home Makeover Season Four Now Streaming
12/09 Netflix

Dream Home Makeover Season Four Now Streaming

Head to Netflix now, Dream Home Makeover Season 4 is here.

Netflix and chill—

—to the latest season of our show, Dream Home Makeover. Streaming today, December 9, is the six-episode lineup of season four. From a midcentury modern bath to a rustic living room reno, all the design inspiration you need is available on Netflix just in time for binge-watching over the holiday season. Shea and the Studio McGee design team love that their work is able to be showcased on a platform like Netflix, and we can’t wait to hear all your feedback on our Instagram account as we take deeper dives into the projects over the coming weeks. And as always, Shea and Syd extend their deepest gratitude to everyone who worked tirelessly and passionately to bring this season to life.

“Our goal has always been to ‘make life beautiful’ for our clients, our team, and our family. Getting to share this philosophy with millions on a platform like Netflix is the opportunity of a lifetime.”

- Shea McGee
Dream Home Makeover Season Four Now Streaming
Dream Home Makeover Season Four Now Streaming
Dream Home Makeover Season Four Now Streaming
Dream Home Makeover Season Four Now Streaming
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Studio McGee
  1. The cabinetry in the toy room in episode 3 of season 4 was such a lovely shade. What color is it? I NEED this color in my life.

  2. Hi!! There was one episode in season 4 where Shea incorporate 2 leather recliner chairs, are you able to tell me where those are from please?

  3. Hi! I loved the leather recliner chairs in the Brandon project. Could you please tell me where to find them? Thank you!

  4. Hi – please share the information of the British wallpaper ( company, pattern, color) used in the entrance way of the home in Season 4 episode 4? Thank you!!!!

  5. Loved the kitchen in episode one of season 4! Would you be able to trek me what brand the 5 in one wall oven is? I’ve been looking for one like it. Thanks!

  6. Hello! Can you please share the grout color of the 3×12 subway tile in the kitchen on the Mill Creek project (mother & son episode)? Thank you!!

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