How to Style Artwork Throughout the Home
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How to Style Artwork Throughout the Home

Adding personality to every space

Artwork adds a hint of personality to any space, and we add it in nearly every room.  

Whether adding color, texture, or expression, the right artwork piece can bring an entire look to life.  

Mixing up how you style your art pieces can bring interest and contrast between stacking, leaning, and hanging it in pairs; here are five ways to style artwork throughout the home: 

How to Style Artwork Throughout the Home
How to Style Artwork Throughout the Home

No. 1: Stacking it together 

Stacking artwork in pairs is great way to create a vignette and highlight a piece of furniture or empty wall that needs a little love. When stacking artwork, we typically use one similar element — size, frame type or style, to make the pieces feel cohesive. 

Small art pieces + drawings

Perfect for stacking
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Hinted Landscape 1
Hinted Landscape 2
Serene Scenery II
Serene Scenery I
Castle Sketch
Portrait of a Lady 1
Figure Sketch
Ballerina Sketch 1
Beach Sketch
Melancholy Sea

No. 2: Leaning it 

Leaning artwork is a good alternative to hanging it in spaces where you don’t have wall space for hanging or simply want to create a different look. Hang artwork in the kitchen, in the laundry room, or over furniture. 

From our AZ Homestead Project

How to Style Artwork Throughout the Home
How to Style Artwork Throughout the Home

From our SM Ranch House

Still life + landscapes

Add charm to any space
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Still Life with Pears
Still Life with Lemon
The Grove by Bruce Brainard
Foggy Hillside
Still Life with Oranges
Sketched Still Life
Collected Vases

No. 3: Hanging it alone 

Of course, hanging artwork alone can highlight a large or favorite piece to fill up an empty wall space or bring character to a vignette. 

Photographs and landscapes

Dreamy depictions
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Foggy Path
Villerville Beach
Dutch Landscape Study
Pond & Meadow
Gone Surfin'
Sailboat Port

No. 4: Styled in n built-ins 

Styling artwork in built-ins is a great way to fill up the space and add tone and dimension. While we typically lean artwork in built-ins, hanging pieces on or between shelves can add an unexpected element, too! 

From The Sunset House

Decorative art pieces

Shelf-styling artwork favorites
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Eagle Head Beach
Framed Intaglio I
Framed Intaglio II
Setting Sail
Dimensional Fold 3
Dimensional Fold 2
Repetition 7
Repetition 8

No. 5: Layered and leaned 

Layering more than one piece of artwork can bring an eclectic and lived-in feeling to a space. Whether styled above a console table in the living space or on a fireplace mantel, layered artwork can add a unique perspective.

Layering perfect pieces

Dimension adding artwork
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Light of Summer
Secluded Shelter
Gray Clouds
Bob Dylan
Warm Abstract
The Rolling Stones
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