Meet Artist Holly Addi

Get to know our featured artist, Holly Addi!

05 June 2019 -

Yesterday we promised a behind-the-scenes look into our new art collections, so we’re showing you the brilliant artist behind the Holly Addi Collection. Holly Addi herself! She’s an artist located in our HQ, Salt Lake City, and you might recognize her work from some of our projects and her projects all over the web.

Watch as she shares her inspiration, and scroll for pictures of her studio and work!




My philosophy in my art study is to bring out the beauty of imperfections. Just as in life there are flowers, there are also weeds.

-Holly Addi


meet her piece:



From the beautiful mind of artist, Holly Addi, comes this visually intriguing, exclusive McGee & Co. piece. Focusing on the idea of ‘public space’, Addi often channels modern architecture and basic living elements in her art. The Margeaux piece is the perfect mind-bending mix of cool and warm tones, creating a look that is both modern and eclectic.


Untitled_Artwork 5.png





Holly Addi In our Modern Lakehouse:

Date Posted
05 June 2019