My Parents’ Guest Bedroom Makeover
05/01 Bedrooms

My Parents’ Guest Bedroom Makeover

Our most special makeover yet.

This is one of our most special bedroom makeovers of all time. We’re at my mom’s house! You might recognize it – it’s the Midway House! The guest bedroom was feeling like it needed a refresh, and my mom completely trusted to me to takeover and surprise her. This was perfect timing for Mother’s Day!!!

I draw a lot of design inspiration and creativity from my mom. She is an amazing tennis player, florist and grandma to my kids, who call her Tam Tam! Can you tell we’re related?



The before of my Mom’s guest bedroom wasn’t “bad.” We definitely made the most of my headboard from high school, a broken dresser, and all the leftovers from moving from Texas to Utah. But I think between Syd and I trying to sleep in a full bed with a toddler and baby in tow and the fact that nothing was intentional, the space just wasn’t working for us.


I knew I wanted to come back and finish the space. Sure, it might seem a little selfish because it’s the room I stay in, but I also wanted by parents to feel like their forever home is complete.


Look hard in that mirror. It’s a throwback to when I was my own photographer!!


I knew my mom wanted the space to feel relaxing with a neutral color palette. She loves a clean, traditional style. The rug was a great starting point because it’s warm and sophisticated.


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Can you believe this statement light fixture? We’re already plotting how we can use it in our home. The artwork needed to be relaxing and soothing. We topped the bed with Shoreside artwork, and filled the open wall with a really cool layout of these modern beige abstract pieces.


Seriously, every space and every design style can be enhanced with a leather detail. These leather ottomans have a beautiful woven detail, and ground the space at the end of the bed.


A linen headboard is great because you can easily switch out pillows. Play with squares and lumbars, or try out our newest obsession, the headboard cushion. They’re substantial enough to stand alone on the bed – you don’t need to layer in any other pillows. This for all the couples that fight about how many throw pillows you need to fill the space.

We had to choose a nightstand that was substantial, because we only had room for one. Since it’s a guest bedroom, a single drawer is perfect.


Comfort was key in this space. I love my mom, but I also want this space to be cozy considering me and Syd are usually the guests staying in it! Shop throws now.


Our Emma Side Table has stunning craftsman details for being such a small, simple side table. It leaves room to breathe and the height is adjustable! It’s topped with a darling bulbous vase.


Our Solaine Chair is a bit bigger than the previous chairs, and the rattan wrap is warm, organic, and inviting. We can’t wait to relax right here.


*hover over photo to shop each product.

This dresser has the prettiest white washed finish, with the most beautiful hardware. It’s traditional and timeless, and is one of our favorite additions to the shop. We contrasted it and brought character to the piece by topping it with various sculptural and interesting pieces of decor.

The lamp has a really cool shape, and a dark denim porcelain finish that really stands out. A really unique and new accessory to our shop is the marble knot object. It makes a statement and grounds the tabletop, and it’s crafted entirely of marble. We didn’t use a ton of brass in this room, but this big bowl is so cool. It’s contrasted by stone detailing around the rim and ties in with the amazing chandelier. We also used a wicker vase and a cool banded bottom vase. Don’t forget the black mirror!


Sketched artwork is one of the easiest ways to soften your space and add a feminine touch. This portrait of a lady is so pretty.

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Studio McGee
  1. Love this cozy, serene space! Beautifully decorated and want everything in these pics. What color did you paint your walls?

  2. Glad to see your rug placement because my guest room has the exact layout and I’ve wondered if it’s okay to place the rug where it’s not even on both sides of the bed.

  3. Looks fantastic! I’d love to know more about the amazing (vintage?) pillows on the rattan chairs.

  4. What an awesome Mother’s Day gift! The thoughtfulness and love that went into the design show through. This made us rethink our Mother’s Day gifting plans this year. LOL

  5. The black lamp with the delicate black frames and gold accents is absolutely stunning. I am inspired!

  6. A beautiful neutral space with a balance of all elements.
    And……mother daughter?…..MORE LIKE sisters for sure.

  7. What color paint was used in the updated version of your lovely room makeover? My second question is what color and brand is the rug that was used in the makeover. This is exactly what I am looking for. Thank you so much I really do enjoy your site and inspirations!


  8. I think the most incredible part of this post is the fact that I couldn’t tell who was the mom!! You’re twins!!!

  9. gosh, how i love every little thing about this bedroom, literally every detail, but most of all, bringing together family… your mum and you together. it’s a very precious sweet moment, captured for a lifetime. xx

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