Happy Birthday to our Storefront!!

Looking back on the journey of our beautiful storefront!!

25 April 2019 -

This might be our most exciting birthday yet. The celebration of our storefront in Costa Mesa!!! It’s been up and running for a year (as of the 20th, technically), and we’re so in love with it.

We’re blown away at the destination trips you guys have taken to visit, so we should start with a massive thank you to everyone who has visited our little shop. Whether you live within walking distance, or you traveled across the ocean we couldn’t do it without you. And yes, we’ve had customers tell us they’ve crossed the ocean!! Unfortunately we can’t fly everyone out there, but we can give you a video tour with our webisode!!


How did we get here? Why Costa Mesa? The story is actually really sweet! Two years ago we were in Costa Mesa and Syd was shopping at his favorite shop, Almond Surfboards. I spotted an adorable storefront next door with the most amazing sign, Heritage Mercantile. Me and the owner chatted while I shopped and we followed each other on instagram.

Flash forward a year, she reached out to me with an offer we just couldn’t refuse. She was selling the space, but wanted to offer it to us before putting it on the market. Seriously, we had no plans of a store in California just yet but we couldn’t pass this up!!!

Read more on that here. See our first photo tour here.



taken when we first got the space


taken the night of our opening party

We wanted a cash wrap that would steal the show. Something to complete your store experience as you finish your shopping up.


We wanted to merchandise a lot of kitchen product, and kitchens are our favorite room to design, so the kitchenette was everything to us!


We curated a special collection of one-of-a-kind vintage rugs that are exclusive to the store! You can find them draped on the vintage ladders on display.



Claire Sideboard, Over There artwork, balon vase, two-toned trays , candles, plant misters, Issa Jar, large displayed wood object ,frames, Salinger Chair

We even had a party. It had live portrait sketches (think caricature but fashion), amazing food, and even better company! See more pictures here.




Date Posted
25 April 2019