A Recipe for Valentine’s + A Free Gift!

Celebrating this recipe with a classic favorite and free downloadable or two!

14 February 2019 -

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today we thought we should celebrate the holiday loved and hated by all, with a recipe generally accepted by all. Chocolate chip cookies! Make them with milk chocolate, semi-sweet, dark, peanut butter, or m&m’s! However you enjoy them, they’re usually a good idea. Shea made the effort of trying a new recipe every two weeks, and we’re lucky she found this recipe by Sally’s Baking Addiction!

The best part about this recipe is the guidance Sally gives! She explains cooking choices like using cornstarch and melted butter, and guidance on the consistency the dough should be at for every step.

Make these cookies for your Valentine’s! Whether it’s a spouse, partner, kids, best friend, or your coworkers they’re sure to feel the love.




This week we are offering anyone who shops at our storefront a free exclusive print with purchase. We made limited quantities, and it’s only for February. For everyone who isn’t in Southern California, we thought we’d make those prints into desktop screensavers! Head to our instagram stories to screenshot for your phone!

HOW-TO MAKE SCREENSAVER: drag photo to your desktop, left click, select “Set Desktop Picture“, or do it through settings.

Date Posted
14 February 2019