Timeless Dining Room & Kitchen Design

Transitional, textured, and character-filled.

16 December 2019 -

Designing interiors is about so much more than the aesthetics, but the ability to create spaces that house memories for years to come.

When it comes to kitchen and dining spaces, this is especially true, and our work is only the beginning of the space coming to life.

From intimate family dinners to large holiday gatherings, our kitchen and dining spaces write their own stories over the years. Our most recent dining design is filled with natural light, transitional textures, and timeless, vintage-inspired pieces.

Scroll through this photo tour to read about our process behind the project and gather some inspiration.

This dining nook is a beautiful space to begin with; we did windows on all three sides for natural light and white walls for an open canvas.

To ground the center, we started by selecting this great lantern as the focal point and contrasted it with our new, white oak trestle table. Set with black spindle chairs to match the light, everything came together beautifully.

Crafted from solid white oak, our Emory Extension Dining Table brings both form and function to your dining space from its architectural base to the natural extending leaf. Its sturdy, high-quality construction stands the test of time as it grows with your family.

With all of the new pieces in this room, we knew we needed to balance it out and incorporate a few vintage artwork pieces and vintage-inspired pieces. Adding some landscape art and this beautiful found vase created perfect harmony.

With the oak dining table, the black chairs, and white walls, we needed something to tie the tones together, and this rug was the perfect piece to do just that.

Styling tip: When hanging two or more artwork pieces together, make sure they are only a few inches apart, so they don’t feel disconnected.

Complete with putty paint, brass fixtures, and tall cabinets on either side of the range, this kitchen turned out even better than we expected. We love the wooden back that ties in with the floors and these beautiful pendants that tie the whole space together.

“The Eloise counter stool is one of my favorite pieces, and it makes it front and center in the kitchen. I actually have the dining chair version of this stool in my own home, and it looks so beautiful in a kitchen.”

- Shea McGee

To create this look in your own kitchen, you don’t need to completely re-design the space. Start by adding some found or vintage-inspired decor pieces, a bit of greenery, and special serveware that you can leave out to style on your countertops.

For more on this space, check out our project webisode here!

Date Posted
16 December 2019