Anne Sage Kitchen Reveal
01/29 Kitchen

Anne Sage Kitchen Reveal

See how we made this small kitchen feel spacious! 

We are so excited to reveal the kitchen we designed with Anne Sage! It was so exciting to see it on MyDomaine. This space was small and needed a renovation that would make it feel large and open.





Anyone who has lived through a renovation will tell you the same thing: it's going to take longer than you think. There are so many different elements that go into a renovation, so it's impossible to have complete control over everything. Just keep in mind, that the fresh new look will be worth the wait! We're taking Anne's advice and running with it. "Embrace the idea that a renovation is an adventure, and you'll be better prepared to weather whatever unexpected developments arise!"


We knew we wanted to keep the sink by the window, so we started by installing beautifully laminated wood blinds from The Shade Store. The "bleached wood" color went along perfectly with our vision for the space.

An unlacquered brass faucet by Waterworks proves that even a small kitchen can be a dream kitchen. We chose a clean farmhouse sink and a Cambria Quartz countertop, which keep the kitchen light and airy. High contrast kitchens are one of our favorite looks, so we love the black appliances (range and dishwasher) from Kitchen Aid.  Pro tip: Anne loves the range because it heats up quickly, perfect for those of us who are too impatient to cook.


Anne's advice for living in a small kitchen? "Storage is the biggest challenge for small kitchens, but the good news is that the less equipment you have, the less you need to store! Get super realistic about how many pots, pans, baking sheets, mixing bowls, etc. you actually need, and only keep the bare minimum. I used to have tons of kitchenwares, but when I got honest with myself, I admitted that I was barely using half of it on a regular basis. (I mean, does anyone really need three sets of measuring cups?) I donated the surplus to Goodwill, and we were easily able to fit everything that remained into our limited space—without having to cram. Plus, now there’s fewer things to pile up in the sink when I'm cooking!"


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There are so many amazing parts in this kitchen, it's hard to focus on just one. The Fireclay tile is mottled, with a unique irregular surface that really brings this backsplash to life. Anne says she loved the Whirlpool washer and dryer, saying "they're so quiet that you can't even tell they’re on, and I love that they're hidden away in that bank of gorgeous Semihandmade cupboards (the wood grain texture on the cabinetry slays me!)." The cabinetry in the 'Oyster' finish from Semihandmade was convenient to install (remember this project?)


We created a cozy little nook with this extra space. The textured bench, soft throw, and decorative pillows keep the dark space feeling warm and bright.



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Studio McGee
  1. The kitchen looks beautiful – well done! Quick question – is the variation in cabinet color in the first large photo a photoshop error or how the cabinets actually appear? I was thinking about using Semi-handmade in Oyster also, but the stain/color looks like it’s not uniform? Maybe the photo editor tried to warm up the cabinet color and forgot that portion.

  2. Love the bench that you used in the seating nook. I’ve been looking for something like it with no luck. Where is it from?!

  3. I hope she doesn’t cook much. Everything above the range is going to get covered in grease and also, probably not good for a wood shelf to be directly above your heat element. In a kitchen this size, deleting upper cabinets for a high, skinny shelf seems really impractical. And I don’t understand the bench area. Why not incorporate that space into the actual kitchen to get more storage and counterspace?

  4. Kari… This isn’t your kitchen, so why do you feel the need to criticize? Perhaps a positive comment would have been nicer, if you cannot provide one, then why not continue to another page? This is someone’s work that was well thought out and a kitchen the belongs to someone, that I’m sure is very happy with the outcome. Comments like yours are just cruel. Are you hoping she changes it now? Maybe everyone should seek your advice prior to doing a reno, since you must complete everything in your life to perfection, since you feel the need and entitlement to post such a thing. Anyways, Studio McGee keep doing what you’re doing.

  5. Shea I love this!! Love the color scheme and the appliances, the tile backsplash is beautiful! Is this a downdraft range? There’s no “hood” I am very inspired by this and I’m doing a kitchen revamp right now, may need to pull some of his to use in my project!

  6. So gorgeous! The colors and textures are amazing! Quick question – is there some type of vent/fan appliance around the range, or did you choose to skip that altogether?

    As always, stunning work! You guys are an inspiration!

  7. This is stunning! I’m loving the tile and it’s texture… are there two different colors of tile or does it come varied like that?

  8. Hi,
    This kitchen looks lovely! I am interested in the round bread board, but confused on the measurement. Is it 23 inches in the round or 23 inches out to the handle? I guess what I really need is the diameter of the round portion so I know whether to order small or large. Thanks!

  9. Just beautiful, and very intriguing!! I love that you have shown a smaller space than usual. Your blog is so inspiring, and fresh! Never a dull moment, thank you!!

  10. I am beyond in love with the tile backsplash and already emailed for my own samples. I was told that in this particular case and installation there might be unusual mix of color and I was recommended to mix " Ceres" with "cotton" color scheme of these Fireclay handmade tiles. I would love to know what colors and how many percent of each was mixed to achieve this look. Also I just want to make sure its the thin glaze brick? and last what color grout and were you using the recommended 3/8"grout joint as its recommended because it looks tighter than the other . Thank you so much!

  11. I love this kitchen, it looks amazing! Can you provide the source for the faucet? I so want to swap mine out for something like that!

  12. Absolutely beautiful kitchen!! You have a lovely style. Can you tell me where you purchased your drawer/cabinet pulls?
    Thank you!

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