Friday Inspiration: Styling Opportunities
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Friday Inspiration: Styling Opportunities

Our favorite kind of opportunity!

Cheers to the weekend!! Our week was made when we were nominated for “Best Interior Design Blog” in their 2018 Design Blog Awards!! We're so honored to be included in this. Start your weekend off by voting, and then kick back and make the delicious roasted beet salad with oranges and creamy goat cheese dressing from Kelsey Nixon. We’re still thinking about the incredible transformations on our master bathroom inspiration post, we announced another warehouse sale, and revealed the second part of our Jackson Hole project.


We’d love to have this shelving wall in our hands. It’d be so fun to fill these open spaces, and it’s such a unique feature.

Design by  Studio Esteta

Design by Studio Esteta

Simple glam for the win! The styling here is minimal, as the vanity, tub, and mirrors do all the talking. The artwork above is a perfect touch, while the rug brings a little bit of modern.

Design by  Katie Martinez

Design by Katie Martinez

Clear cabinetry in the kitchen is styling win if you ask us. All the accessories in this kitchen are white ceramic or natural wood, and it really makes the space feel natural and unified.

Our office tends to be freeeeezing, so a bath over here is looking nice!

Design by  Chango & Co

Design by Chango & Co

You don’t need to throw a bunch of decor on the coffee table if your built-ins in the dining room are styled to perfection. We’ve got advice for styling a built-in over on this post!

Design by  Avenue Lifestyle
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    1. Hi! Sorry for the late response– this is an inspiration post so we’re not sure! You can check with the sources we link to! Xo

  1. Where are the gorgeous black pendant lights (featured above the island) purchased from?
    Description: large black pendant lights with a copper finish. These fixtures are classic farmhouse style but have an edge with their exposed wiring.

    Please and thank you

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