Are Black Windows A Trend?
05/17 Design Tips

Are Black Windows A Trend?

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Are Black Windows A Trend?

Define trend. Is a trend something goes in and out of style? Or is it something that is having a moment? Design choices can be both classic and popular, which is exactly where we'd put black windows!

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Rooted in industrial design of the early 20th century, black windows became ubiquitous when steel and aluminum were readily available options. They were marketed to bring daylight into warehouses and factories and eventually made their way into homes.

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As you can see in refurbished and retrofitted buildings that’ve kept their black windows, the current trend alludes to that timeless look.
We might see them becoming less popular in the future, but it’s almost impossible for a home to look “dated” when it’s such a direct reference of a classic look. From the reemergence of subway tile, to unlacquered brass and refined rustic features, these trends may not be here to stay with their popularity—but they are safer bets than painted chevron walls and reclaimed plank walls. One look we love is large streamlined windows like we've done in some of our mountain homes.
We used black windows in the Denver Tudor Project, which is one of our most popular remodels to date!
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Studio McGee
  1. I love black windows in the right context. But, I feel like they are being done too much in homes that never would have had black windows in a historical context. For example, I don’t think a classic center hall colonial would ever have had black windows. I think they’re a classic in a prewar apartment buildings with casement windows. In the classic colonial that I grew up in the kitchen had been remodeled and a huge, beautiful casement window was installed over the sink many years ago. But the rest of the windows, original to the house, were classic white true divided lights. So, I base it on the context in which the windows are used. There’s an adorable dutch colonial in my neighborhood that’s been recently renovated and has these windows, and I just kind of shudder because I don’t think that house ever would have had them, hence why in that particular context I think they’ll be dated in about 15 years.

  2. I just LOVE black windows and think they’re classic and timeless. I also think they work well with many different style homes, so I say if you want them – go for it! Also, I read something about the black window not interrupting your eye when you’re looking outside, so you get to really focus on what’s out there. The white interrupts your eye. Thought that was interesting! <3

  3. We just finished building our home and went with black windows throughout. It is beautiful, adds so much character and are modern and timeless. Love them! says:

    We just finished building our home and went with black windows throughout. It is beautiful, adds so much character and are modern and timeless. Love them!

  4. Great post! I’ve been curious about black windows for a couple of months now, as we’re renovating our cape cod style home. Do you think black would be out of place in that style? I’ve been thinking I’d better go with white. But we’re painting the exterior white so I wanted some contrast. It’s tricky!

  5. I love the black windows and would change mine out tomorrow if I could! I don’t think black or white is trendy…it’s what you add to the space around that can be!

  6. I love black windows too! Can you maybe write a post in more detail about practical material used for industrial looking windows? Would you suggest steel, wood or alumiunium? And would such design adapt to having double glazed glass? Thanks!! 🙂 keep up with your great work you are an inspiration!

  7. Our 1978 ranch house in a rural part of So Cal has HUGE black framed windows – the biggest one measures 8’w x 6’h, and they are one of the primary reasons we* fell in love with our home when we saw it. Everyone comments on how nice the big windows are, I really love it. Our dining room window is also huge, and we look right onto our walkway that I have personally landscaped (hours of hard work!).

    *We, as in: this was the first house I asked our RE agent to show me (I had been eyeing it for weeks, just waiting for my husband to say he was ready to house hunt, he KNEW my engines were revved!), the minute I walked in I was in LOVE – so we immediately (while on-site) called my husband over, who looked around and said outloud "yeah, this is not it" (my heart broke a bit), we both went back to work and later that night at the dinner table, I poured out my renovation ideas for the home, and alas – he was on board (granted my husband…..). It was the only house he looked at (I did my due diligence and spent a day looking at 8 other houses, none held a torch to our house). When ya know, ya know!

  8. I love black windows but I would having metal windows!
    I don’t think you can put chevron walls and plank walls in the same category. Reclaimed plank walls were a thing years before Joanna Gaines came on the scene.

  9. We are in the process of building our house and I’m debating over the black windows. I love them but my husband isn’t quite convinced. We have these large patio windows/doors that will open to the deck. I’m hoping to at least get these black. I just hope the mix won’t be strange!

  10. In regards to the woven wood shades, have you been ordering them with the liner or without? I am about to order and want mine to look exactly like the those in the Denver tudor. Thank you!!!

  11. We are currently working on a new build and already have unpainted windows in. We decided we want to do the downstairs windows with a black sash but the locks are white! I have seen that combo but obviously would prefer black locks. Leave the white or swap out with black if that is possible?

  12. Question for you – I have seen that you have done white windows on the interior but black on the exterior. I am painting my 100 year old brick house that has the original single hung and double hung windows. I want to keep windows white on the inside but paint them black on the outside (currently white on the outside). What color do you paint the jambs that you can see from both the inside and the outside? Thanks you!

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