Friday Inspiration: Best Week Ever

See why we’re so happy, and enjoy our favorite pins!

26 January 2018 -

We cannot believe how amazing this week was! We announced that we’re opening a STORE, and the response was amazing! We’re also on a roll with our webisodes and released the coolest master closet. We get a ton of questions about flooring, (Like more than any other question) so we made a guide to our favorite Hallmark Floors! 

If you’re going to scroll through anything today, make it this remodel on Remodelista. The whole tour is beautiful, with a southern meets modern vibe like you’ve never seen. 

Design by  Remodelista

Design by Remodelista

Another kitchen! We’re loving this one because it’s got rich, dark elements, but feels so light and airy. 

Design by  Park & Oak

Design by Park & Oak

This soft sitting area is so light and airy, we’d love to enjoy a magazine here. 

Design by  Cottage and Vine

Design by Cottage and Vine

This contemporary kitchen has a subtle country vibe that makes it feel so charming. 

Tiled floor for the win!! 

Design by  Disc Interiors

Design by Disc Interiors

We love that this space has multiple patterns on the pillows, in the artwork, furniture, and on the rug, but it still feels quite neutral. 

Design by  Mark D Sikes

Design by Mark D Sikes

We love this subtle take on the copper kitchen trend. It’s fresh and exciting! 

Design by Leanne Ford

Design by Leanne Ford

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Date Posted
26 January 2018