Our Favorite Natural Rugs

A natural rug is always a good idea. See our reasons for loving them!

14 August 2017 -

Filling your home with natural rugs is always a good idea. They have built-in texture and natural colors, often creating a blank canvas for your decor. A natural rug works with almost any home’s personality and can transform your space as it changes throughout the years. The best part? They’re durable. We’ve rounded up our favorite natural rugs and how we use them in our projects!

We use the Cocchi Rug in our projects because it has thick woven fibers that create a beautiful diamond pattern. We love the subtle dimension it creates in a room. 

Vineyard Street Project

Haddonfield Project

Claybourne Project

The Rumi Rug definitely makes more of a statement with an earthy mesh of greens, blues, and browns. We love the cozy factor it brings to a space with a pattern that’s bold without being overbearing. 

Avenues Modern Project 

This Chunky Wool & Jute Rug is full of texture with natural shredded fibers intricately and tightly woven. We love how versatile it is! 

Mountainside Remodel

Park City Canyons Remodel



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Date Posted
14 August 2017