Vineyard Parade Home Webisode (Pt. 1)

Check out the webisode for our Part One of our Parade Home!

21 June 2017 -

A little over 10 weeks ago, Syd met with Flagship Homes about an opportunity to design a parade home that would also double as the concept of an entirely new development.

If you aren’t familiar with a parade home, it’s a house that participates in an annual event where people tour newly designed spaces. When we were selecting options for the parade home, we were selecting options for the entire community. We wanted the selections to feel custom and designer, so we partnered with Hallmark Floors and included their beautiful engineered wood as an upgrade for the homes. One of the most popular questions we get consistently is about flooring, so we’ll make sure to go into more depth on the subject in the near future. Feel free to ask any flooring questions your have and if you live in the area, check out the Hampton community! See the first part of the parade home in our latest webisode! Don’t miss the photo tour of part one and webisode/photo tour of part two either.

Date Posted
21 June 2017