How to Design Around a Focal Point

See how we design around a focal point in our newest webisode!

07 June 2017 -

Today we’re with Caroline from Armelle Blog, and we’re taking over her living room!

We’re going to show you how to take an inspiration piece as a focal point and build the rest of the room around it.

When Caroline gave us some insight into her style, she told us that she loved the idea of emerald green. I instantly thought of the Sleepy Forest art piece! When designing around a focal point, you want to start with the color palette of that object. This could apply to a rug, art piece, or a piece of furniture. The art we used has different shades of green and blush pink so we used those colors throughout the decor in the room. You don’t want every single piece in the room to be pink or green, so it’s important to add in neutrals! We’ve done that with the furniture and accessories. One rule I like to follow is to add one more color in the mix for depth and dimension. We don’t want everything to feel too uniform, so here we added in some navy blue accessories, poufs, and dark navy rug.

Date Posted
07 June 2017