Webisode: Red Ledges Outdoor Space

See how we created a cozy outdoor seating area for clients who love to entertain!

09 March 2017 -

Our clients wanted a space where the indoors and outdoors met, creating a comfortable, cozy spot to admire the views with their family and friends.

Originally, they wanted a dining space and an outdoor space. After working out the measurements and layout, we just couldn’t fit both! The lounge area won because it seemed better suited for gathering and they already had a dining room off the kitchen. See how we put it together and watch our tips for creating a comfy outdoor space in our most recent webisode! You’ll discover what interior rule we break outdoors:

Break up your furniture set

When designing indoors we never choose a matching set, but when you’re outdoors it totally works! We like to break up the pieces with a coffee table, rug, and accessories like lanterns, pillows, and trays. Make sure to choose a large coffee table that’s proportionate to all your seating so everything is balanced.

Draw inspiration from your surroundings

In this project, we drew inspiration from the wide open sky and chose pillows with blues and earthy tones in the patterns. We chose rattan furniture to add natural texture, something that’s always needed when decorating outdoors.

Use functional accessories

This Rugby rug from McGee & Co sets the foundation of the space, and we love how you can easily spray it off with a hose when it needs cleaning. Using a rug outdoors is another great way to bring the indoors out and make things even more cozy! A tray was necessary in this space so our clients could easily transport food and drink in and out from the kitchen. The wrapped lanterns are another accessory with natural texture that you can also use to light the space for late nights with company.

Date Posted
09 March 2017