Promontory Project Progress Update

From consulting on the plans, to seeing the house come to life, we're excited to show you the progress of our Promontory Project!

29 March 2017 -

For almost a year, we’ve been doing sneak peeks of our Promontory project!

We’re finally ready to install the home and see our hard work come to fruition. Unlike the quick turnaround of our webisode projects, this project was a full-service new build. We consulted on the architectural plans, saw the implementation of the plans, and picked out all the finishes and designed each space with furniture, wall art, lighting, accessories, etc. Watch our quick webisode updating you on the project:

This house is unlike any other mountain home we’ve ever seen! The next few days of installing, photographing, and getting video of this home will be exhausting, but exciting! Stay tuned!

Date Posted
29 March 2017