Emerson Project Webisode Reveal
03/01 Room Inspiration

Emerson Project Webisode Reveal

We remodeled a kitchen, created entryway storage, and transformed the look of a living room! Watch our newest webisode!

Every project we take on is different.

We’ll take on projects ranging  from rebuilds to ground up construction, to finishes and furniture and everything in between. This project we did the finishes and we gutted everything! The flooring, cabinetry, backsplash, and layout was completely redone. Watch the transformation on our newest webisode!



Our main focus on this project was the kitchen. Our clients inspiration was a white and gold kitchen, which is one of our favorite combinations ever. We decided to take this idea to the next level by doing a gray on the bottom cabinetry! We actually used the same color we have on the built-ins at our studio — Platinum Gray by Benjamin Moore!

Emerson Project Webisode Reveal
Emerson Project Webisode Reveal
Emerson Project Webisode Reveal

Our favorite detail in this kitchen is the solid white countertop paired with the calcutta marble backsplash that goes up to the ceiling.

Emerson Project Webisode Reveal

We put some lovely garden roses in our Tinted Green Vase and used the Taupe and White Vase for fresh greenery by the sink.

Emerson Project Webisode Reveal
Emerson Project Webisode Reveal

We added warmth and function to this corner by creating open shelving out of a raw natural wood (White Oak).

Emerson Project Webisode Reveal
Emerson Project Webisode Reveal
Emerson Project Webisode Reveal
Emerson Project Webisode Reveal
Emerson Project Webisode Reveal
Emerson Project Webisode Reveal

If your home doesn’t come with a mudroom you can make one! We designed a built in with plenty of storage to act as a convenient mudroom near the entrance of the home.

Emerson Project Webisode Reveal
Emerson Project Webisode Reveal
Emerson Project Webisode Reveal

Since the living room is the first big room you see when entering the home, we decided to up it’s wow factor by painting the molding floor to ceiling the same color as the fireplace. We used Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore.

Emerson Project Webisode Reveal
Emerson Project Webisode Reveal

Photography by Jessica White

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Studio McGee
      1. Thank you! We are thinking of installing these in our house. Can you advise if this specific color Laguna darkens over time? I was trying to lookup some reviews and some people say they splinter and chip? Your studio is a large space and probably get a good amount of traffic…do you have any issues for far? Would you recommend them? Thank you so much!!!

  1. Absolutely beautiful! You are amazing. How do you decide where to end the gray and start the white when your cabinets go around the refrigerator as in this kitchen? I can’t tell by the photos.

    1. Great question! We only wanted to have gray on the lower cabinets. Since the pantry door goes past the height of the lower cabinets, we painted it completely white.

    1. With respect to our full-service clients, we share some of the sources but not all. Luckily, this tile is ubiquitous and can be sourced from a lot of different tile suppliers. The interesting thing about the backsplash was actually how the tile was laid. With attention to detail, it was perfectly spaced so that only full tile pieces we used!

  2. I’m interested in your thoughts on lighting above a peninsula in the kitchen. I noticed you didn’t do anything in this reveal.

  3. As always, your work is incredible! Your client must be thrilled! If it’s possible, could you share room dimensions for the kitchen? Am always interested in what dimensions best lend themselves to a peninsula vs other layout options! Thanks!

  4. Gorgeous kitchen! You guys did a fantastic job! Love the floors too! Where are they from?

    Would love to see more progress photos and to know how long your design projects take.

    Floating shelves are so popular right now and the white oak you used is just perfect! I love how they look in the kitchen. Could you do a posting on how to properly install floating shelves that are strong enough to hold heavy things like stacks of dishes? Love your blog!

  5. I just love this so much! I always see these room makeovers of these huge kitchens and living spaces and I think, "Well of course it looks AMAZING, it’s huge! You had so much room to put a giant island and huge pendant lights, etc etc." But this residence has rooms about the same size as mine, and it looks AMAZING. I just love seeing a beautiful – small – kitchen! I also love how much changing the railing in the entry way made such a big difference.

  6. I love how much brighter the kitchen is. I have a very dark kitchen with no direct windows and need ideas. It is hard for me to tell, but is that a square light fixture in the center of their new kitchen ceiling or did they install a sunlight?

  7. Hi! Love this! I am mid-reno and have the exact same kitchen layout! Can you tell me approximately how many inches over the base cabinet that peninsula is for the stool leg clearance? I hate when knees hit sitting on the stools but in a NYC apartment, every inch counts! Thanks!

  8. Are you able to share Where the pulls are from that are on the builtin locker cabinet? They are beautiful with that dark color.

  9. what brand of appliances did you use or do you have an appliance round up somewhere. Building a new home soon and collecting inspiration. Thanks.

  10. So beautiful! I noticed that you mentioned you can’t give out a lot of detail out of respect for your clients, but if possible I was wondering whether you could share what the countertops were? From your countertops 101 post it looks the most like Quartz, but I’ve also heard of porcelain counters before? Looking for good white counter suggestions that aren’t marble. Thank you!

  11. Hey!! Gorgeous kitchen! I am using platinum gray on my Island! What white color are these upper cabinets and trim painted? Is it Simply White BM?!

  12. LOVE it all!! Can you share details about the over the sink wall lights? Exactly what I am looking for!

  13. Hi, just wondering what white paint you used for the walls in this project? I’m looking for the right white for our new house:)

  14. Is there any way you could give me the source for the cabinet hardware? Thanks so much! Absolutely love your work!

  15. Love this project! Any chance you can share the brand/source for the flush mount light fixture used in the mud room?

  16. Can you share where you got this window? For the kitchen? It’s exactly what I am looking for! Everything is so beautiful

  17. You mention the white countertops so many times in your blog, but don’t tell us the countertop material and color? Is it stone or Formica? Either way, it’s really beautiful — would love to know the material.

  18. would love to know what the name of hardware/ brand/ material/ color…I am having a hard time locating just the right pulls. Everything in this kitchen is perfect…love love love

  19. Hi. Love the design. I’m building a similar shaped kitchen. Would you be able to please provide the kitchen dimensions?

  20. Hi,

    I love this kitchen design. Did the original layout have a second entrance into the kitchen on the right side of the fridge? If so, did you close it off? I can’t tell from the video. We have a similar layout and are considering closing our second entrance off, but are hesitant.


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