New Designer Pillows on McGee & Co.

Our new designer pillows are in the shop!

16 February 2017 -

We’ve got a thing for pillows and we’re pretty sure you do too.

We get so many requests for the designer pillows we use in projects that we are adding a whole bunch to McGee & Co.! It’s a limited batch, so get them while you can!

The Atticus is one of the pillows people ask about the most! The bold check pattern is a modern take on a classic trend. We love the graphic element of the oversize scale.

Our Perfect Stripe and Fern pillows were made to go together. The stripe is a classic you can style again and again, so we love to put it with something more exciting, like this Fern print. The large-scale print makes it easy to take a stab at pattern mixing!

The Olivia and Eloise pillows really set the tone for this cozy nook. The bold painted strokes in Olivia is a modern graphic pattern that we love. We love it contrasted with the soft palette of the Eloise!

With only two colors in the Peter pillow, it’s an easy way to add pattern. The burst shapes are easy to layer mix!

From our Windsong Project

With hand-drawn character and polka dot details, the Jo pillow is a new take on a classic windowpane pattern. It works as a solid with minimal pattern, so it’s easy to mix in with other throw pillows!

The Huck pillow has the coolest Turkish-inspired pattern, and the brown color is earthy and natural. We love it in this mountain-themed home!

Our Ramona pillow fit in perfectly in this neutral-toned bedroom. The fabric was hand crafted in India, so it’s full of character and energy. It’s so refreshing to add some color and pattern!

The Lucy pillow is soft and feminine, and goes so well with the floral artwork and gold details in this formal living room.

Our Harriet pillow is the easiest way to instantly add a graphic element to your spaces.

The global pattern and minimalist color palette in our Scout pillow makes the pillow easy to use in any space.

From our Foothill Drive Project

We put a Posy pillow between each of the blue pillows on the couch to warm up the look. The ones on the end are the Scout pillow that we can’t get enough of.

From our Rangeview Reno Project

Date Posted
16 February 2017