Trimming The Tree with Studio McGee

Gather inspiration from Studio McGee before you trim your tree! 

07 November 2017 -

Our family always looks forward to decorating the tree because it really kicks off the season and puts us in a holiday spirit!

This year we’re especially excited to trim the tree because we designed our own Buffalo Check Tree Skirt for McGee & Co.! We really wanted to create something classic and timeless so it will be a part of your holiday decor for years to come. Buffalo check is a traditional pattern that we love to use—especially on an oversized scale. We went with a neutral tone-on-tone pattern in a rich texture. Don’t miss the details, like the beautiful lining and striped ties!


Our Trimming Tips

  • STEP ONE: The first layer we like to add is the ribbon. It sets the tone and color palette for the rest of the tree. This year I went with a neutral pattern that will pair with any ornament and keep things feeling classic and put together.
  • STEP TWO: The next thing you’ll do is add in the ornaments, spreading them evenly throughout the tree in a zig-zag pattern, rather than straight rows. Spread out repeat and coordinating ornaments so the tree doesn’t feel too uniform.
  • STEP THREE: Make sure to walk around and make sure everything feels balanced. Don’t hesitate to rearrange until everything feels just right.

We filled McGee & Co. with some of the ornament favorites from last year, as well as some new ones! You know we love a natural touch, so Shea often leaves quite a bit of greenery showing to keep things feeling fresh. Our design philosophy applies when decorating a tree: we want to create a curated, collected look by decorating with a variety of colors,  patterns, and textures.


Our tree toppers are bright and bold, but simple enough to stay classic. We love the vintage feel they have.


W’re still digging last years tips and tricks if you’re looking for more inspiration!



Date Posted
07 November 2017