Our Guide To Hanging Lights
09/28 How To

Our Guide To Hanging Lights

Plus a pin-able size guide!

Hanging lights can be more challenging than it looks, and we get a lot of questions about how to do it right, so today, we're sharing our go-to guide!

Whether it's pendants over your countertop or a chandelier over your dining table, it's important to get the spacing and sizing right so that the room feels balanced.

Here are some tips and examples for hanging lights:

For a pin-able size guide to keep in your back pocket, scroll to the bottom of this post!

2 Pendant Lights Over a Kitchen Island

Our Guide To Hanging Lights

3 Pendant Lights Over a Kitchen Island

Our Guide To Hanging Lights

Lights Above Dining Table

Our Guide To Hanging Lights

Chandelier In Great Room

Our Guide To Hanging Lights

Pendant Lights Placement

Our Guide To Hanging Lights

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Studio McGee
  1. I wanted to know if the distance from the island counter to bottom of fixture varies with ceiling height?

  2. Great info! The question I have involves a bar not an island. I want to hang two pendants over a 90" bar. Each pendant is 12" wide. I have 10′ ceilings in this room.

  3. If you used a giant pendant, would this require larger spacing?
    I’m looking at getting a 40" pendant for a 10′ 2" island and I’m not sure about whether I can use 1 or two. 1 seems not enough but 2 I worry the spacing would be too tight given the large scale.

  4. I live in an old farmhouse with 7′ ceilings. What do you recommend for heights for hanging lights over an island or dining table? We otherwise just use recessed, sconces, or flush mounts in other parts of the house.

  5. Hi! Do you have a blog post on under cabinet lighting options? We just renovated our kitchen and have Michelangela Calacutta marble, but a lot of the under cabinets lights seem too warm. Any suggestions? Thank you!

  6. If I wanted to group three of the Moravian star pendants above a rectangular dining room table what would you recommend the best placement?

  7. Hi! our island table is under uneven ceiling because its a high ceiling( triangle shape high ceiling) …any suggestion how to put a chandelier over our island?

  8. Hi! Thank you for this useful guide but is there another post or could you expand on mixing and matching light fixtures especially in an open concept kitchen? I live in a small townhouse in washington dc and I have 3 pendant lights over the kitchen island. I’m having such a hard time picking a fixture over the breakfast nook/dining area (a tight space) that complements the island pendants.

  9. I was searching for your original post yesterday! Our living room is a vaulted ceiling but the center of the vault is not centered in the room. Would you still center the chandelier in the room or on the beam of the vaulted ceiling? In the photo with the round bulb pendants, there doesn’t seem to be 4’ between wall and hallway pendant- is it okay to be closer in a 5’ wide hallway or would you opt for a different style of lighting? Cannot wait for your Netflix show!

  10. Thanks for this post! I just put up two of the Studio McGee Threshold Seagrass pendants in my kitchen yesterday! Does the same rule apply for high ceilings for kitchen pendents like the chandelier guide? Where you add 3” to each additional foot? My kitchen has 11ft celingings. Thanks!

  11. This is so helpful! Would you be able to share sourcing for the matte grey with gold inside pendants (3) featured in the McGee Home Kitchen?? I cannot find anywhere! Thank you so much!

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