Why You Should Invest In Custom Window Treatments

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13 January 2021 -

When choosing the layers of finishes for your home, window treatments may not be the first element that comes to mind. However, after years of designing spaces for our clients, we’ve learned that the right window treatments can make just as significant an impact as paint color or flooring material.

While navigating the process of ordering and installing window treatments can be difficult, going the custom route has made all the difference in our projects.

Today, we’re excited to collaborate with The Shade Store, our window treatment partner for our Netflix series “Dream Home Makeover,” to answer a few questions about the custom window treatment experience.

Built to help with every step of the process from ordering to installation, The Shade Store makes custom window treatments simple. Hand-crafted in the USA by skilled artisans, their wide range of top-quality materials bring dimension to any space.

Here are our design team’s answers to some frequently-asked custom window treatment questions:

What is the most significant difference between custom and pre-made window treatments?

When you choose custom window treatments, it takes the guesswork out of the entire process. Standard sized window treatments don’t always fit perfectly on windows, especially in custom homes. The custom window treatment process gives you confidence that your window treatments are the right size and allows for more flexibility in materials and functions, ensuring the perfect fit for your home.

Tailored Pleat Drapery in material “Luxe Linen” and color “Beige” in The McGee Home Dining Room. 

Why do custom window treatments make a difference aesthetically in a space?

We consider window treatments to be as vital of a layer as hard finishes like wall treatments and lighting. Often, window treatments can feel like an afterthought, but when you have quality, custom window treatments, they will feel like part of the design and flow with the rest of the home.

Custom window treatments allow you to add more dimension to your space with elevating details such as pleats, color-blocking, and beautiful textural materials.

One of the reasons we love working with The Shade Store is that they ensure that the window hardware placement is correct. Rod height and spacing can be hard to get right, and the hardware details make more of a significant visual difference than you’d think.

The Shade Store’s Roman Shades lighted the palette in our Open & Bright Netflix Bath Remodel, allowing more light to reflect into the space.

How do custom window treatments compare functionally to pre-made options?

There are many functional details available in custom window treatments that you won’t find in pre-made options. From various levels of privacy linings to motorized smart shades, the possibilities are endless.

Waterfall Woven Shade in material “Seaview,” and color “Dune,” in The McGee Home Master Bathroom. 

How Does The Shade Store help to simplify the process of custom window treatments?

Even if you’re not familiar with ordering custom window treatments, The Shade Store makes it easy with a team of expert design consultants in showrooms nationwide or through virtual consultation to help you make the right selection.

Their professional measurement and installation teams ensure the correct placement of everything from shades to hardware, significantly streamlining the process.

With a custom order timeline of 10-days or less, The Shade Store’s speed makes a difference for projects big or small.

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Luxe Linen Drapes from The Shade Store added drama and texture to our Sunset House Dining Room, featured in our Netflix show “Dream Home Makeover.”

What is the best way to make sure you choose the right colors and materials when ordering window treatments?

The Shade store has an incredible selection of in-stock materials that you can try out at home with free unlimited swatches. Our team orders swatches for every project to get a sense of the materials look and feel.

Timeline tip: We suggest starting to order samples when you’re in the process of selecting furniture. Having swatches available makes it easier to see how your window treatment materials will flow with the other textiles in your space.

Tailored Pleat Drapery in material “Luxe Linen” and color “Beige” in The McGee Home Dining Room. 

Why do you recommend investing in custom window treatments to clients for longevity?

Not only is The Shade Store’s ordering and installation process quality-driven, but the durability of their materials gives you confidence in your investment. Custom window treatments can also add value to your home, as they are typically pieces you sell with your home.

In our Moody & Bright Netflix Remodel, we used The Shade Store’s Luxe Linen drapes to balance the room’s high-low tonal contrast, adding a layer of light to the dark walls.

For more tips on selecting materials and pieces, check out our blog post “Choosing Window Treatments”.

See our go-to custom window treatment selections from The Shade Store here.

Date Posted
13 January 2021