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Material Trends That Bring the Winter Cozy

A few of our favorite trending materials this season, from velvet to burl wood.

29 November 2022 -

Here at Studio McGee, we’re fully embracing winter –

–because for one, we live in snowy Utah and we’re forced to, but also because as designers we love the opportunity to restyle our homes in a way that incorporates the winter cozy. As we make design choices for our own homes, we love a collected and curated look that can be timelessly refreshed for every season and style. This year, there are a few looks that make this season distinct, and lucky for us, a few design elements that bring that tactical warmth we’re all looking for when the snow comes. Our McGee & Co. Winter Collection spotlights these elements—think velvet and mohair, stone and leather.

It’s always fun to watch where design trends shift from year to year, and right now we see formality, rich hues, and textural materials that bring depth to the home. With our McGee & Co. Winter Collection, we’re incorporating these of-the-moment materials with the timeless approachability Studio McGee is known for–and there’s no doubt you’ll love the cozy vibes it brings as much as we do. Here are three winter materials trends that serve as an element of warmth during colder months.

No. 01 | Velvet & Mohair

No. 02 | Organic Woods

No. 03 | Stone & Leather

“We wanted to elevate and dress up our aesthetic. And we did that with pieces that incorporate some really formal elements like velvets and mohairs, and then we added more casual details. I think it’s all about push and pull.”

- Shea McGee

winter living room

No. 01 | Velvet & Mohair

Elevated, textural upholstery takes center stage this season, from fully upholstered couches in a rich velvet to warm mohair pillows. Sofas and beds upholstered in velvet contribute to a dressed up, refined aesthetic. Mixed with other pieces in your space, and within a rich palette, you can create a warmly curated feel in your home just through intentional material pairings

velvet sofa
winter bedroom
velvet chair

No. 02 | Organic Woods

With the trend towards warm, rich tones comes an opportunity for more organic materials. We love pieces made from burl wood as well as pieces made entirely from reclaimed wood, representing a variety of styles. A burl wood coffee table or dresser can lend modern details and structure to your styling, while a dining table made from reclaimed elm can contain the same organic intricacies but reflect a farmhouse style with elegant refinement.

reclaimed wood table
burl wood coffee table

No. 03 | Stone & Leather

Featured as smaller accent pieces in a room or as details on a mixed-material piece, textural, meant-to-be-touched materials help to balance the elements of formality in your styling. A travertine side table with natural motifs can bring a palpable warmth to a room with its tactile qualities, while leather details on an oak nightstand or an industrial dining chair help to create a warm and inviting feel.

metal chair
wood leather nightstand
Travertine Side Table

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Date Posted
29 November 2022