Trends In 2021: Our Thoughts

A few things we're excited to see more of this year!

01 February 2021 -

Although we don’t typically subscribe to the idea of “trends” when it comes to design, there are a few things we’re looking forward to seeing more of as our homes continue to evolve in the new year.

Here are a few design influences we can’t wait to incorporate more of in 2021:

Grandma Chic

We’ve shown a few images and products to clients lately that have received the response, “But that kinda reminds me of my grandma.” To which our answer is usually, “Yes! Everything old is new again, and when paired with modern elements, it will feel very fresh. Trust us; we’ll make it cool.”

We’re not suggesting we overhaul every inch of our homes in ivy wallpaper, but touches of this trend are so chic when paired with sleek elements. It’s all about juxtaposition –– accents with classically traditional details like a pleated lampshade sitting on top of a streamlined table is the sweet spot of old meets new. From pleats to florals, to scallops, to fringe, to ruffles, we’re excited to layer in more grandma-chic accents to our designs this year.

Design from Moore House.

Design from Lauren Santo Domingo.

From Wren’s bedroom in The McGee Home. 

Design by Heidi Caillier Design. 

Lots of Curves

We’ve seen curved design elements emerging over the last few years, but we’re anticipating seeing even more softened silhouettes in 2021.

Curved elements in architecture and softened furniture like barrel-back seating and oval dining tables bring the perfect contrast to blocky design elements, softening any look.

Incorporating more curves in your space doesn’t have to mean adding an arched doorway. Adding subtle details to round out your look can be as simple as switching out hardware or layering in a curved accent chair.

Design by Colin King. 

From our Rye NY Project. 

From our Rye NY Project. 

Heavy Textures

We love light and bright spaces with calming color palettes, which means we’re always looking for ways to add dimension through other elements.

Incorporating heavy textures is one of our favorite ways to bring a look to life, and we’re excited to add more textural mediums to our canvas this year. Although textured elements are not necessarily a trend, we’re seeing an evolution of materials that are increasingly becoming popular.

More substantial textures like plaster, boucle, sherpa, and warm natural woods, are making their way into more and more spaces in unique ways (think ceilings, kitchen hoods, and walls).

Design by Athena Calderone.

From The McGee Home Kitchen.

Warm Palettes

While Pantone’s’ colors of the year represent sunshine, we don’t see Illuminating yellow taking over our homes. Instead, we’ll continue to embrace warmer tones in woods and hues like Pantones “Hot Chocolate,” – a deep brown hue with rusty undertones.

Designed by Sheila Bouttier and styled by

Photo & Design: June and Blue. 

Multi-functional Spaces

As our homes serve more purposes than ever before, we’re leaning into multi-functional spaces that speak to how we live out our daily lives. This year, we’re excited to see more out-of-the-box home office spaces as we continue to work remotely. We like the idea of finding office nooks in unexpected places like behind the sofa or an entryway vignette.

From our Moody & Bright Netflix Remodel.

Design and Photo via Park & Oak.

What are you looking forward to seeing more of in design this year? Tell us what’s inspiring you in the comments below!

Date Posted
01 February 2021