Trends in 2020: Our Team’s Thoughts

New year, same us.

13 January 2020 -

Each year when January rolls around, we start seeing trend posts, “in and out,” lists, and predictions on the direction of design and styling for the year ahead. It’s always fun to see how it unfolds, but to tell the truth, our team has mixed feelings about the idea of what is or isn’t “on-trend.”

Yes, there is an ebb and flow of interior style that shifts with the world around us, but there is also something to be said about the nature of the home’s constant, slow-moving process; because interiors are a process. And often, that process feels more like the transitions of the seasons than a continuous, abrupt rotation.

All to say that while we do love the color of the year (hello, it’s blue!), in 2020, we’re focusing less on trends, and more on building our spaces in intentional, lasting ways.

Here are some things we’re planning to collect or do more of this year to achieve just that:


You know what they say, what goes around comes around, and when it comes to interiors, it couldn’t ring truer. Over the years, we’ve noticed that the right vintage piece can bring a room to life like nothing else can. Not only do vintage pieces tell a story of history and hold character, but they create a contrast to new pieces, accents, and even walls.

Beck Pines 3-13.jpg

“Adding something old to a new space creates that come sit on the couch and be right at home feeling.” – Kristine Metcalf 


As we set an intention to thoughtfully gather beauty in our home this year, we’re collecting more vintage in hopes of adding not only for the moment but for a lifetime.


Our favorite vintage finds

Functional Beauty

You know that feeling when you walk into a home, and you’re too scared to touch anything? If we had to pin anything that we consider “out of style,” it’s probably that.

“I love the idea of making a home really functional and being thoughtful about who and what you have around. It’s hard for kids to just be kids if you have things on your coffee table they can’t touch. ” – Jen Paul, stylist.


When you style in a way that feels a little less stiff, you actually want to sit on your couch, and it’s inviting.” – Kristine Metcalf, lead stylist. 

“What we really want people to feel is, ‘this is my home,” and that means it’s liveable even when it’s beautiful.” – Danielle Munz, stylist.


Getting realistic with how your home fits your lifestyle is essential, to say the least, and it’s something we’re thinking about as we continue to design products at McGee & Co. that are as durable as they are pretty.

Relaxed performance upholstery we love 

Layered Dimension

Adding dimension is another one of those tried-and-true tricks our designers and stylists use time and time again to get that lived-in look. It’s difficult to define dimension, but if you’re asking us, it’s all about mixing materials and textiles, layering, and bringing in personal touches.


“It’s really about what’s bringing you joy and how that is shown in what your home looks and feels like. Whether that’s a piece of driftwood from a beach trip styled on your coffee table or a piece of artwork that moves you, gather the pieces you really care about or that you love, become a collector.” – Kristine Metcalf 


Some of our favorite layering pieces of the moment 

Do you have any “design resolutions” for the new year? Tell us in the comments below!

Date Posted
13 January 2020