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How to get the look inspired by my London and Paris travels.

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I am constantly inspired by the world around me and one of my greatest pleasures is seeing different architecture and design elements while traveling abroad with my family. Here are some inspiration pics I snapped while visiting London and Paris, and tips for applying the look into your home’s aesthetic. xo Shea


Statement Doors
A grand entrance.

I loved noticing all the decked-out doors while wandering around the streets of Paris and London. They take their front doors seriously in Europe and there’s inspiration in spades.


Gilded Frames
Gold and ornate.

It’s hard to do an ornate frame right, but when it happens, it’s a beautiful statement. I loved seeing gilded frames throughout restaurants and hotels in Paris and London. It’s a classic look that instantly elevates a space.


Whimsical Florals
A playful touch.

I love a good flower motif and they’re around every corner in Europe. Some of my favorites were large-scale floral wallpapers and delicate, intricate prints on tableware. This is such an easy design element to incorporate in small doses.


Minty Greens
Classic, understated tones.

I love a color that can act as a neutral if paired right. In Paris and London I kept noticing this minty shade of green with grey undertones. There are so many beautiful ways to work this into your home’s design, from striped ottomans to outdoor furniture.


Rattans + Stripes
A country club aesthetic.

I have been loving this pairing, inside and out, way before this last visit to Europe, but it was so fun seeing it dressed differently. It’s a sophisticated look but with a hint of playfulness.


Dusty Rose
A brownish pink.

This earthy pink was all over London and Paris, inspiring me to incorporate it into upcoming design projects. The soft taupe is subtle and beautiful, both elegant and playful.


Classic Checks
A time-honored pattern.

This timeless pattern never goes out of style and nowhere does it better than Paris. I was noticing it everywhere, from tiled restaurant floors to entire outdoor walkways. You can try it out in smaller doses, like toss pillows, if you’re not ready to commit to a full re-tile.

potted plants by outdoor dining area
outdoor tablescape with gingham tablecloth and melamine plates
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22 May