Top Tips for Home Lighting

Well-lit spaces are the best spaces.

26 May 2021 -

We are lovers of every design component, but there are a few things really set the scene for a space, and lighting is one of them.Whether it’s natural or accent, good lighting can completely change the feeling of your home.Today, we’re sharing some of our favorite tips for elevating the lighting in your home to create an ambiance for day and night.

Tip 1: Layer Your Lighting

To achieve the best look and feel, it’s important to layer your lighting pieces. Start with your overhead lights to brighten the room, and then add in dimension through accent lighting. Table lamps, floor lamps, and even scones add extra design elements while making your space feel warmer. If you have can lights and don’t have a chandelier or pendants, you can still draw the eye into your lighting with a statement accent lighting piece!

Tip 2: Choose the Right Size

Finding the right light for your space is often the most challenging part, but maintaining the right lighting scale can make or break your space’s balance.

For tips on how to measure your lighting correctly, check out our Guide to Hanging Lights Here.

Tip 3: Create Moments

Use your lighting to your advantage to create special moments in your home. Adding a library sconce above a piece of art instantly elevates its status — even if it’s just a simple sketch! Try breathing in some new lift to built-in or open shelves with a sconce to make your styling stand out.

Tip 4: Contrast your lighting styles.

For open floor plans, you don’t want your lighting to compete, so it’s important to mix your lighting. For example, in an open kitchen and dining space, we’ll often use pendants over the countertop, and picture lights or sconces over the cabinets.

If you have an open concept dining and kitchen space, try mixing styles and shapes between your kitchen pendants and the light over your dining table.

Tip 5: Create Intentional Symmetry.

Make a statement with your lighting by doubling up on matching table lamps and going symmetrical. It feels balanced but in a cool, unexpected way.

Whether you decide to place your lighting in symmetry or asymmetry, make sure it’s intentional. We love the asymmetrical table lamp look on a console or dresser, but we always make sure to balance the look out with decor on the opposite side.

Tip 6: Break Rules

Rules are meant to be broken, and sometimes design magic happens in experimentation. Don’t be afraid to use task lamps on a bedroom nightstand or play with scale and try using an oversized piece to add visual value.

Date Posted
26 May 2021