The Sunday 7: The Book Presale is Here!

A prelaunch for The Art of Home, end of the school year mania & more.

28 May 2023 -

No. 1. The Art of Home

It’s hard to believe that I’m announcing the presale of my very own design book. You can see a few snippets of The Art of Home here. You will be happy to know this book is filled with imagery, resources, and design insight to apply to your own home. It has been a true labor of love for the past several years and I was elated to get my hands on the first draft of the hard copy.

No. 2. Wrapping Up the School Year

Between the spring recitals, field days, field trips, and class activities, it feels like we were all just staying afloat this week. So excited to start the summer break! We are kicking it off with LOTS of pool time over here at the McGee home – nothing better than the happy sounds of kids splashing in the pool. This swimsuit has been my go-to of late. Added bonus: a handful of the brand’s styles are on sale now.


The Sunday 7: The Book Presale is Here!

No. 3. A Visit to Wisconsin

I have been enjoying a visit to the Midwest this week for an upcoming collaboration. You know I cannot wait to share more, but in the meantime, I can share how beautiful the scenery was…

No. 4. Memorial Day Sale UGC

The Memorial Day Sale is still going strong over at McGee & Co. Here are some of the pieces you have been loving –

No. 5. Other Sales Shopping

While we’re talking sales… I am adding each of these to my own cart. Summer for the win.

No. 6. The Final Spec Home Webisode

Episode seven in the Spec Home series launched this week! Catch up on all the episodes here.

No. 7. New Scents Coming

More to come in the following days, but there just might be some good news for you fellow Pura lovers…

XO – S

Date Posted
28 May 2023