The Sunday 7: Summer in the Mountains

Enjoying the long summer nights and a little home update.

02 July 2023 -

No. 1. Our Airstream

Summer is officially here so we took advantage of the glorious weather and finally captured a few photos (and a webisode) of our Airstream! We shared the process of renovating the trailer on our Netflix show, but wanted to share a deeper dive into the design details – and it also gave us an opportunity to roast marshmallows around the campfire.

No. 2. Target Collection

The newest collection is here! It’s filled with touches that bring vintage inspiration and deeper tones into the home and I can’t wait to see how y’all style your spaces with the pieces.

No. 3. Touches of Texture & Pattern

As I’m planning my wardrobe for photoshoots, I look for items that complement and reflect the home. We were recently photographing our #SMWatersEdge project and I knew this striped button-down from Sezane would be the perfect pairing. This t-shirt dress with gold buttons on the shoulder is so easy to throw on – perfect for a day of installing and floral arranging!

No. 4. Wallpaper Install

My home is an ever-evolving design lab and this week Ivy’s new wallpaper was installed! It feels like a real-life dollhouse, and I swoon every time I walk past her room.

No. 5. Summer Stripes

I’m prepping for a little backyard party at my home this week and these red geraniums in these little ribbed terracotta pots are just about the cutest things I’ve seen. I am loving this striped set, too – perfect for a warm afternoon of working in the garden,

No. 6. 4th of July Prep

My favorite holiday is only days away! We shared a little 4th of July inspiration here and I’m carrying some of those ideas with me as I work on our plans to host family and friends this week.

No. 7. June Monthly Musings

Each year I love watching the Utah landscape come to life alongside the return of sundresses and white sneakers. Summer is here and I am very much looking forward to everything the season has to offer. Here are just a few things, and the palette, I was inspired by this June.

The Sunday 7: Summer in the Mountains

XO – S 

Date Posted
02 July 2023