The Sunday 7: Soaking Up Summer

The long weekend is here and I’m shopping the Labor Day sales!

04 September 2022 -

No. 1. A New Hair Technique  

I’ve shared a couple of looks on the gram the past few weeks but one of the most requested asks I’ve gotten is, “Tell me about your hair styling!” So here it is – I’ve switched up curling my hair and opted for beach-inspired waves lately using a flat iron with curved edges. I really love the Dyson as well (it doesn’t kink my hair as easily and can be used cordless), but it’s also a bigger investment! I take sections of hair and create a soft wave by “bending” the straightener in opposite directions. I top it off with this misting spray for added smoothness and I’m all set!   

When I was in NY, Jasana styled my hair for TODAY and I couldn’t get over how soft my hair felt. She told me the trick was to use a tiny bit of the K18 hair mask followed by the mist at the end of styling your hair instead of just when wet, like the directions say.  

No. 2. A Site Visit 

Syd and I took a trip up the canyon to our spec home project to check on updates. It’s coming along beautifully! I am in love with these finishes and the way they perfectly reflect the home’s surroundings.  

No. 3. McGee & Co. Labor Day Sale 

The sale is on! Shop the Labor Day Sale at McGee & Co. for up to 25% off! We only do a sale this big a couple of times a year, so it’s the perfect time to pick pieces for a cozy fall refresh.  

No. 4. Other Sale Shopping Picks 

While I’m shopping our sale, I also perused some of my go-to sites and grabbed a few pieces on sale. The jeans are some of my favorite!

No. 5. My Go-To Jewelry 

Last week we shared a roundup of my go-to jewelry and it’s been a great resource, even for myself! I always love to add a new piece or two to my collection.  

No. 6. Locking Myself Away 

It was time to buckle down and get to work this week, so I checked myself into a hotel to spend two straight days working on the upcoming design book. It was so great to get the time to focus, and ordering room service was a nice little treat, lol. 

No. 7. A New Deep Dive Webisode! 

Tomorrow is the time for a new webisode! We’ll be talking all about Briana and Josh’s home so check in tomorrow to watch and read up on that. 

Enjoy the long weekend! 

XO – Shea 

Date Posted
04 September 2022