The Sunday 7: Ringing in the New Year

The happiest of holidays and starting the New Year right.

08 January 2023 -

No. 1. Our Holidays

I hope y’all had a relaxing and beautiful holiday season! We enjoyed a few quiet days at home and it was magical. Utah got soooo much snow and it has been a true winter wonderland! The girls enjoyed lots of time outside sledding in the yard and I enjoyed watching them from the comfort of a warm room, haha.

McGee home on Christmas
McGee home on Christmas
McGee girls with santa

No. 2. A Trip to California

To celebrate the season and Ivy’s birthday we spent a week enjoying Southern California and visiting family. The birthday girl knew just what she wanted to do and we spent our days playing with cousins, visiting the beach, and hitting up all our favorite food stops.

McGee family
Syd and margot at the pool
McGee california vacation
McGee california vacation
McGee family photo booth picture

No. 3. Design Trends for ‘23

I love a fresh start and the new year is the perfect time to look ahead to trends! This year I am looking forward to statement-making moments and personality-packed elements, from statement stone to classic plate walls with delicate florals.

No. 4. A Favorite Gift

Syd gifted me this bracelet for Christmas and it is never coming off! I love a sentimental heirloom and can’t wait to share these pieces with my girls when they’re grown.

shea's bracelets

The Sunday 7: Ringing in the New Year

No. 5. Target Collection

The newest collection is live and I have loved seeing how you style these pieces in your own home! The vintage-inspired orange still life artwork is one of my favorites from the collection.

studio mcgee target threshold collection
studio mcgee target threshold collection

No. 6. Foundational Five

Over on McGee & Co., we have been hard at work developing our Foundational Five. We believe each home deserves foundational pieces it can rely on and have narrowed that down to a handful of categories we feel create the biggest impact while remaining timeless. Read more about it here!

McGee basement kitchenette
McGee basement guest room

No. 7. Netflix

Another season, another webisode! Did you get a chance to catch up on season 4 of Dream Home Makeover over the break? This month our team is taking you behind the scenes of a few of the episodes, starting with this one. Enjoy!

studio mcgee netflix project kitchen remodel
studio mcgee netflix project kitchen remodel

Happy New Year! – Shea

Date Posted
08 January 2023