The Sunday 7: Hello, March

06 March 2022 -

No. 1. Helping in small ways 

My heart has been heavy with everything going on in the world and Syd and I have been looking for ways we can help, in whatever small capacity we can. We came across this organization and are really inspired by the measures they are taking to help people on the ground.  

No. 2. My studio 

We filmed in my home studio recently for Dream Home Makeover. We’ve shared snippets of the space here and there, and I’m looking forward to the full reveal! It’s been such a treat to have this quiet space where I can really buckle down, get inspired, and work. 

No. 3. A Target install 

We had a really unique opportunity to do a home install featuring pieces from our Threshold x Studio McGee collection for Target. Love how this project came together for some really sweet clients. This cabinet is so beautiful! 

No. 4. New picks for spring 

My love for elevated loungewear knows no bounds, so when Varley released its new spring collection, I snatched up a handful of items and I’m loving each one (plus a few others I still have my eyes on).   

No. 5. Bringing back a favorite hair accessory 

Lately, I’ve been loving barrettes! Part nostalgic, part right on trend, I’ve been wearing them when I do a half-up, half-down hairstyle, perfect for second-day hair. 

No. 6. Another new favorite

I shared this picture yesterday (living our best dance comp lives!) and had so many of you ask about the sweatshirt I’m wearing, so I had to share it here, too! The string in the collar was ridiculously long, so I just went ahead and removed that to save myself the nuisance, haha.

No. 7. The McGee & Co. Outdoor Collection 

The newest outdoor collection is nearly here! We are releasing this sunshine-ready collection later this week, so keep an eye out. Here’s a little preview to get you excited – Happy weekend! 

XO – Shea 

Date Posted
06 March 2022