The Sunday 7: Dreaming of Sunshine

Season product reviews and planning a trip!

12 March 2023 -

No. 1. Product Reviews

Every few weeks I meet with our team to review samples, make edits, and approvals for products you’ll see on McGee & Co. in the future. Occasionally we make last-minute pivots during these meetings that end up being some of my favorite details! This was the scenario for our Haviland Outdoor Sofa with green stripes that just launched. We were originally only going to do the classic white, but I couldn’t get the canopy stripes out of my mind. I’m so glad we went for it because…well…see for yourself!

No. 2. My Outdoor Collection Picks

I know I’m talking about outdoor furniture when it feels like winter will never end, but I really am so excited about our outdoor collection and have dreams of lounging on these pieces in the sun someday soon. I hung this wreath on my front porch to hold me over until the snow melts.

No. 3. Planning a Family Vacation

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but family trips are our love language. I have been working with Wagner Bespoke Travel to help plan an exciting vacation this spring and we are all counting the days (Wren updates us every morning at breakfast). Eli has been a dream to work with! She got to know all about our family and preferences, presented multiple options she had traveled to personally, and even helped arrange for Margot’s milk to be on site when we arrive!

No. 4. Packing for Said Vacation

We’ll share more when we actually travel, but isn’t half the fun planning your vacation wardobe? Knowing we are going someplace warm, tropical, and colorful has me eyeing these things for my vacation looks –

No. 5. International Women’s Day

This past week we celebrated IWD with a feature on some of the women who have and continually inspire me. They shared their insights and some of their own successes and failures and we feel honored to have been able to highlight these ladies who are leading with such grace and strength. Read the post here!

No. 6. Scent Memories

Scent really does bring back a flood of emotions and memories and I spoke to some of those and the inspiration behind our Pura collaboration scents here.

No. 7. St. Patrick’s Day Prep

The McGee girls love a holiday – any reason to celebrate! I mean, given their last name, it’s a sort of birthright to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, right? Here are some of the items I’m grabbing for a festive tablespace –

XO – S

Date Posted
12 March 2023