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The Sunday 7: DHM is Here!

Season four is here and we are celebrating.

11 December 2022 -

No. 1. Dream Home Makeover

It’s here! Season four of Dream Home Makeover on Netflix launched on Friday! We have been happily binge-watching the season from the comfort of our home this cozy season. (Can’t wait to hear what your favorite project was.) Syd and I want to extend our gratitude to everyone who worked tirelessly and passionately on the season!

No. 2. Country Music Date Night

Syd and I went out for a little parents-night-out last weekend to see Charley Crockett. I love an excuse to don the boots and get a taste of Texas right here in Utah.

No. 3. A BTS Moment

This project is still on the DL but had to sneak in a little shot of what was happening behind the scenes. Trust me when I say the wait will be worth it!

No. 4. A Recipe for the Season

I have been spending my Sunday afternoons with the family trying new recipes. The most recent favorite was this lemon orzo soup. Topped with a hearty portion of ricotta it makes the perfect seasonal dish.

No. 5. Gift Wrapping!

Gift wrapping just may be my favorite holiday tradition. I love to curate a selection of coordinating papers and ribbons and details to add dimension under our tree. Each year I change up the look just a little bit, but it always feels festive and adds the perfect finishing touch to our home during the holidays.

shea tying bow on gift
shea tying bow on gift

No. 6. And Gift Guides

December is nearly halfway through and thankfully I can check “buy the gifts” off my to-do list. But for those last-minute needs, these gift guides are so helpful!

No. 7. A Day in the Life

Syd is giving us a peek inside his day-to-day life at SM and knowing Syd I can pretty much guarantee it will be a good time. Watch for that this week!

XO – Shea

Date Posted
11 December 2022