The Sunday 7: A Quick Trip to Vegas

Cheer competitions and some Old Navy winners.

27 February 2022 -

No. 1. Vegas with Wren 

If you saw our post over the weekend, you know Wren and I were off to Las Vegas for her cheer competition! It was so fun to spend the one-on-one time with her and take in the sites, though explaining some things about Vegas to an eight-year-old was not a parenting moment I was quite prepared for, lol. When we had time, we hung by the pool and enjoyed the sun! I packed some of my recent warm-weather favorites, including this hat clip, which is a new must-have for me – makes packing those hats a breeze. The magnet is so strong so I know my hat isn’t going to fall off my bag, nor do I have to worry about it getting smashed in a suitcase. 

No. 2. The Studio McGee office install 

The fun never stops around here! After lots of travel to California filming installs for Dream Home Makeover, we got to work on our own offices here in SLC! There has been a lot of love poured into every nook and cranny of this space, and I can’t wait to share it will all of you. Just know, yes, there is an ice machine and a soda fountain, because I know where my priorities lie.  

Edited with Studio McGee Preset – organic

No. 3. Design presentation  

One of the most exciting steps in our design process is when we get to present all the ideas to the client; after hours of getting to know the client’s taste, preferences, style, and the way they live, we pull together all the details for their project, from hardware finishes to furniture. We presented to a client this week and I cannot wait to see this one come together!  

No. 4. A few new finds 

I was pleasantly surprised with my most recent Old Navy order – several tops I’m loving and wearing on repeat! They’re each so cute, easy to wear, and you can’t beat the price point.  

No. 5. Lash care  

I usually rock fake lashes for filming, but on my off days I I tend to keep to a more regular mascara routine. I have been loving the combination of the Lancome primer followed with the L’oreal Lash Paradise mascara. The primer is perfect for adding separation and length, but I am a diehard fan of the L’oreal mascara and will never be found without it – give me all the drugstore mascaras! 

No. 6. Helpful guides 

I think one of the most frequent types of questions we get related to design has to do with tips on everything from lighting heights to rug sizes. The team has rounded up all our guides in one place and I know you’re going to love reading through that – such a great resource! 

No. 7. Home on the Bay 

If you missed it, we are sharing all the details and inspiration for a new project – Home on the Bay. Catch up on the webisode here and the entry details here. 

Hope you’re enjoying your Sunday! 

XO – S 

Date Posted
27 February 2022