The Sunday 7

08 March 2021 -

A low-key family vacation, roomy non-maternity dresses I’m loving, and the cutest itty bitty waffle-maker.

1. We took a trip to Hawaii a couple weeks ago to fill our tanks with some sun to get through the rest of winter in Utah.

The Covid test 3 days before our flight was nerve-wracking, but it made for a safe and enjoyable trip. It was magical! We rented a house so we could just cook at home, lounge in the backyard pool, and go to the beach. We have a tradition where every time we go to Hawaii we come back on the plane a little bit salty. We took a night dip before our redeye and it was the perfect exclamation mark to end our trip! (All my images are edited with our SM Presets)

2. This swim coverup is still my favorite after several years!

And I don’t know why I bother to bring any other brand of sandals besides these.

3. Mango dresses that have enough give to be maternity friendly, but will be comfortable long after the babe is here:

4. My sister-in-law picked up this itty-bitty waffle maker on a Target run recently and my girls were so obsessed we had to get one too!

Only ten bucks, easy to clean, and comes in fun colors.

5. I’ve been loving this super-fine hydrating mist.

Perfect amount of moisture and soothes my red/acne prone skin.

6. We’ll be finishing up a few homes in the coming months that we’ve been working on for several years now!

I’m giddy seeing this inset walnut and herringbone detail come to life:

7. So excited to spring is just around the corner.

Happy March!

Date Posted
08 March 2021