The Sunday 7

Basement updates, cookies, and how to combat a puffy face after eating said cookies. Happy Sunday! XO -S

07 February 2021 -

1. Made some progress in the basement this week!

The floors were grouted and vanity base was installed. It’s a grainy photo because there aren’t any lights down there yet, but it’s progress!


The plaster has dried in the skate room (half-pipe will drop down on the left), the concrete is stained and the cabinetry will have a floating bench connected to the wall. I’m opting for no baseboard in this room, so the plaster needs to be touched up around the bottom now that the concrete is finished.

2. I made these cookies this weekend and the only thing I regret is not using a large cookie scoop!

I used plain Valentine M&Ms and semi-sweet mini chips.


3. I’m all about a glowy makeup look in the dead of winter (and all year round).

It makes me feel like there is a chance the sun will shine again even when it’s snowing outside. Here are my top recs for adding a little glow to your routine:

4. Don’t love the word trend, but where I think design is heading?

Well, we shared our thoughts here!

5. Maybe it’s pregnancy and being prone to a puffy face, but I’m very committed to using an ice roller morning and night.

6. The color combo on these sneakers!!!

7. Enjoy your Super Bowl Sunday!

We’ll be back tomorrow with our roundup of gift ideas for Valentine’s Day.

Date Posted
07 February 2021