The Sunday 7: Our First Few Months With Margot
09/26 Lifestyle

The Sunday 7: Our First Few Months With Margot

After some time off to recuperate and enjoy baby Margot, The Sunday 7 is back!

1. I’m back after a rejuvenating two months! I still can’t believe we have three (three!) kids now. Margot is a dream – a calm, happy baby and our family is head over heels for her. I think the five year gap, and knowing this is our last, has made Syd and I cherish every moment more than before. We were in the thick of starting our business with our first two kids and this was the first time I’ve been able to take a maternity leave. Of course, I couldn’t stay away from our holiday shoot, so Margot joined for a quick field trip up to Sundance. I cannot wait to share all the beautiful new products we’ve been taking great care to develop over the past couple of years. And yes, home products, both McGee & Co. and Target, really do take that long to bring to life!

The Sunday 7: Our First Few Months With Margot

2. We started filming again last week. Our show takes quite a bit of time to create because interior design projects take awhile to come together (especially right now with all of the delays). To be very honest, being on camera two months postpartum has been stressful in many ways – childcare, body image, not sleeping with a newborn, etc.! I live for my 6 am workouts when the house is quiet before everyone is awake and scrambling to get ready for school. This body scrub is an absolute treat at the end of the day and it smells great too.

Body Scrub
Align Leggings
Knot Tank

3. These jeans are holding everrrything in right now.

4. We shot our fall front porch in August to have the content ready, but then I took it all down to actually wait for fall…and then all my plants died in the heat! We took the whole family to the garden center yesterday and did a little refresh. See the first version here and the updated look below!

The Sunday 7: Our First Few Months With Margot
Fall Wreath
Plaid Rug
Lined Ceramic Pots
Faux Pumpkins

5. Bleach and heat has wrecked my hair over the years, but this magical combination is working wonders! The products are fine alone, but together I’m seeing a noticeable difference. I don’t condition my hair in the shower, but then add one pump of the K18, wait four minutes, and then add the Olaplex bond smoother.

6. My studio has been coming together piece by piece. I have a few last touches I need to add, but it has been a great place for inspiration when I work from home.

The Sunday 7: Our First Few Months With Margot
Daxton Settee
Terrace Floor Lamp
Sophie Ottoman
Knox Chair
Izzy Jute Rug
Paper Mache Tray
Anora Pillow

7. Happy to be back! xo-Shea

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Studio McGee
  1. Eek, no joke our office space is the exact same with the Settee and those chairs! Dying over here. They make the most beautiful combination and seriously surprised at how comfy this little sofa is.

  2. I love your show! I’ve watched both seasons about 16 billion times!!!!! I love your designs! I love all your color schemes and hardware choices too! I am 12, I have wanted to be an interior designer for about 2 and a half years! Thank you for giving me so much inspiration! I’ve also recently seen your collection at target too! So beautiful!

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