The Sunday 7: Palm Beach Highlights

Life updates, a few highlights from our trip to Palm Beach, and a round-up of non-maternity, but maternity-friendly dresses I'm loving!

24 May 2021 -

1. End of school year performances are in full swing over here!

Can’t believe my baby girl is done with preschool…or that I will have another baby girl to call my baby soon!


2. Syd and I returned home from our baby moon in Palm Beach recently and then dove straight into filming season 3 of Dream Home Makeover.

I can’t remember the last time we had an empty schedule, time alone for the two of us. and could just relax at the beach for hours on end. We stayed at the newly renovated Four Seasons and it was awesome.

3. The food scene did not disappoint either!

We enjoyed lots of good meals, but our two favorites were from Buccan and Cholo Soy.

4. Palm Beach was filled with sprawling mansions and it was fun to see how eclectic the architecture was.

Funny enough, I think one of my favorite things about the area was the landscaping with layers upon layers of privacy hedges and climbing bougainvillea.

5. I was so excited when I realized that our trip happened to coincide with the Kips Bay Show House!

Each year, different designers are invited to design each room in a new home that will be sold at the end of the show. So much of our work is West Coast based and influenced that it was really fun to experience different perspectives. Here are a few of my favorite scenes from the home:

6. Madewell’s new arrivals are coming in clutch with the non-maternity, but maternity-friendly dresses.

I have to have so many outfits while filming that I have tested all of these already and can speak to how comfy and flattering they are.

7. Headed to SF at the end of the week to install/shoot a project for our upcoming design book!

Excited to share a few behind the scenes!

Date Posted
24 May 2021