The Sunday 7: A Busy Week

Working on our design book, guest bedroom updates, and new McGee & Co.!

19 April 2021 -

1. This week was just busy.

Not the kind of busy where we have a big event or announcement, but the kind where we have back-to-back-to-back meetings with no time for snacks. In order to make any progress on writing our design book, I have to lock myself in a hotel room for a day or two at a time to focus. While you wait for our design book to launch in 2022, read our other book Make Life Beautiful about the behind the scenes of our entrepreneurial journey as a husband-wife team.

2. We have the most beautiful new vintage arrivals at McGee & Co. right now!

3. I snagged a rug and a piece of artwork for our basement guest bedroom!

I made a little design board and am feeling good about the overall direction – I still need to fill in with decor and pillows, but it’s a start!

4. While I was locked in a hotel room this week, our team traveled to the DC area for a McGee & Co. photoshoot at a project we finished about a year ago!

It’s safe to say they killed it and I’m so excited to share more!

5. I shared this sweatshirt recently and you all loved it!

I’m loving oversized throwback sweatshirts these days.

6. Becca cosmetics is closing and my favorite lipstick is sold out everywhere!

I love a beigey-pink for everyday and am going to give this YSL lipstick a shot in the color beige tribute. I will report back next week!

7. Launching some fun new content on the blog this week!

Stay tuned.


Date Posted
19 April 2021